Innovation in fruits and vegetables
Vishnu Mohan | 30 Nov 2014

Innovation is not only limited to high technology incuding machines but also coming out with new fruits and vegetables. The agriculture sector in Israel could be one of the best in the world. Therefore, it is no wonder if new fruits and vegetables are introduced to the world by agriculture based scientists in Israel.

  Some of the new fruits and vegetables which have been invented in the recent past in Israel are as follows :
- The introduction of black colour tomato to international market was beyond imagination.  The Black Galaxy tomato was introduced to international markets in early 2012.  This tomato not only looks exotic but also contains higher concentrations of vitamin C.
-  The Anna apple is a Golden Delicious style fruit for cultivation in areas where winter temperatures rarely drop to freezing.  Most of the apple varieties need winter chill to thrive, but Anna ripens in the early summer and grows beautifully in hot climates such as Egypt, Indonesia, Southern California and Southern Texas.  
- The Galia melon, released in the market in 1974 became a multimillion-dollar hit internationally.  Galia melon's success is attributed to its looks, smells and tastes all of which are good.  
- The omelit grapefruit-pomelo (pummelo) hybrid is another innovation.  Marketed overseas as Sweetie, this juicy fruit is sweeter and less acidic than a grapefruit, smaller than a pomelo and much easier to peel.  Plus, the pomelit has been proven to lower blood cholesterol and enhance anti-oxidant activity in the body.
- Another fruit which took 10 years to perfect is known as nectarine-mango which is heart shaped with a smooth peel.  It is markted in Israel the U.K. and South Africa.
- Other innovative fruits include hybrid stone fruits such as the plumegranate (a pomegranate-colored plum), the lemon-shaped lamoon plum, the pita peach and many others.
- Other innovations include Nano watermelon sweeter than the original, Goldy zucchini squash released in 1983 is still the the best looking yellow zucchini and still selling 30 years, Orangetti spaghetti squash was the first hybrid Israeli vegetable grown in the United States and its intense orange colour makes it better looking, better tasting and richer in beta-carotene and other antioxidants, 
Indian based research agriculture scientists can do well to bring the above to the Indian soil and help the society in reshaping the fruit stalls across the country by adding more varieties of rich and nutrient fruits and vegetables for consumption by the masses.