Inside story of Indian dressing room after loss in the semis
Raj Bhandari | 31 Mar 2015

English daily Indian express is currently running a very interesting story about the environment in the dressing room of the Indian cricket team, after losing the semi-final. This certainly depicts the cool and contented temperament of the heartthrob of millions, vibrant captain MS Dhoni.

Obviously, everyone was upset with the outcome but a mature and seasoned captain did try to ease the environment. A senior member, R Ashwin has shown a glimpse of the event that took place on March 26th.

According to Ashwin, everyone was feeling a bit down and the usual energy and relaxed conditions were missing when the captain gathered around the team for a brief talk.

Dhoni, in all its fairness was upset but very realistic. According to Ashwin, Dhoni said that we were beaten by the better team on the day. He said that we should have done better, chased better, but that's how it can go sometimes.

R Ashwin further described that the skipper told them to be proud of the way we played through the tournament and asked them to keep learning from it, and said, don't forget all the good things you guys did on the field, the way you bowled, keep it in the memory and hold on to it.

Ashwin recalled that not too many of his team-mates were speaking a lot. He explained "Not many spoke. We were all flat and just quiet. Dhoni was upset but realistic about how we went through the tournament. I wouldn't say there was sadness, as in tears, but we were all flat."

The positive development happens to be the fact that there hasn't been any sustained backlash against the team, which won seven matches in a row on the way to the semi-final especially after a below par performance during the Test and ODI series just before the beginning of the World Cup.

Ashwin added "I think that as a nation we have come a long, long way. The public has been fabulous. Even in the last two days in Sydney, after the semis, everyone walked up to me and said, 'Well done, well played, we are proud of you guys.' You have got to give people credit for the way they have handled it. They have been appreciative and have actually helped our team."

As a noble gesture of a thanksgiving for the wonderful supporters, Ashwin underlined the contribution of the committed supporters and concluded "The kind of electric atmosphere in Melbourne for the game against South Africa was something else. It actually helped us perform better. I have nothing but great appreciation and gratitude for the way the fans have supported us. It just inspires us to turn out and do our best for the country."