Installation of Solar Panel will redeem pressure on Power Grid
Rajni Verma | 02 Jul 2015

In January 2015 the state government of Haryana made solar installation in Gurgaon buildings mandatory. As it faces hours of power cut during summers as usage of electricity is pretty high. Thus, such order passed which is not only applicable on private bungalows, group housing, builder apartments, malls, offices but also on school complexes, group housing society, hospitals etc. But what if the idea will imply by each city?

In summers, one witness long days and short nights, so, a push to solar panel installation will definitely make things to work. And as 1 kilo watt generated by solar power which can be stretched upto five hours then it is expected that somewhere pressure on power stations will redeem.

Delhi and NCR these areas are already facing minimum 5-6 hours power cut but after installation of solar panels everywhere the dependence of people on coal or fuel made-power will be less. So, the installation of solar panels can supersede the dependency of people on power stations to solar panels which attract pure energy directly from the sun.

However, the only concerned is not saving power or plummeting pressure on power grid but also making environment sustainable and friendly. As in recent past Delhi witness the high level of pollution all around. So, somewhere increasing rate of pollution will come down after installation of panels.

The approach will play very vital role in  upcoming Smart City Mission Project and AMRUT as these projects promised to provide proper supply of power and water and make environment sustainable. Perhaps, solar panel will help to achieve this. In many parts of India Sun appear for longer time and as solar panels has feature to save Sun energy in it too then it will be helpful.

With help of nature we can also attain urbanization and modernization at certain extent. If upcoming projects aims to make environment sustainable and friendly then using nature for its' proper implementation can be helpful. The development should be happen not by ignoring nature but keeping the each concern in mind.

Apparently, the solar energy can be best replacement to other non-renewable energies. And if India can easily opt for it then issues related to electricity will be solved itself. So, things can work more preferably after installation of solar panel everywhere.

It is also highly notable that, in shopping malls and complexes the usage of electricity is pretty high. Even during day time malls need electricity to run air conditioners and light bulbs. So, installation of panels there will definitely redeem pressure on power grid at greater level.

 Evidently, the solar panel installation will not only save coal-based electricity and lower down the scarcity of coal but also standardized everything quiet very well.