Institute of mass media: Providing able and competent journo to the industry
surendra rawat | 02 Feb 2012

Media is shaping the future of nation in positive manner and so is different institute of mass media doing to the future of students knocking the door media industry. There are lots of colleges providing media studies to those who desire to make a cut in the industry.

A LOT of youngsters today mull their career option in media. Why not, as media provide all that today’s generation wishes to, money and glamour. Media as a career is not cake walk rather it’s difficult. You have to be on toes always as nobody knows when you are needed to report the site where breaking news is happening. Whatever is the difficulty but it’s certainly much enjoyable and adventurous for them who love it. All the more sudden, students started thinking and going media in the early and mid 1990s. That was the time when revolution in electronic media was taking place in India with the airing of different news channels.  

As the concept of breaking news was established by news channels, people had to wait no more till the next day to get the account of big events. These news channels started airing big events live on television. It caught the attention of a large chunk of masses. News reporters and anchors started getting recognition and they became the voice of common people. Day by day, popularity of news channels started soaring and it also opened the gates for those with the nose for news. So, to train budding journalists into package, number of Mass Media College got opened. It benefited students as well as media houses, as they could now hire people with knowledge and skill.  

These colleges nurture the professionals who are going to make it big in the media industry. With the proper training and different mass media courses, students from these colleges do wonders in the industry. Variation in these courses benefits students a lot where they get abreast with all that is necessary to learn. Faculty appointed by different institute of media studies use to be well qualified, so that they could provide proper education to students. Many colleges hire people with experience in the media industry as they could provide exact and to the point knowledge to students. It has helped a lot to students in shaping their career well after being taught by able professionals. These colleges also organise guest lectures by eminent personalities from media industry.

To appease everyone with their choice of studies, these colleges offer different media program for students. They who are working professionals and wish to carry media studies further to enhance their career option, there are programs on offer for them too. These days, web media has taken whole world into its grip and other forms of media are also affected by it. Print and electronic media do keep themselves updated on web. Different institute of mass media has started courses on web media as well and people are seeing it as their future option. Students must make a choice that shapes their career in positive ways.    

WLCI  Media School is offering graduate and post graduate mass communication courses ,which help the student to gain the skills and prepare for a career in the ad-mad world.