Integrated Solutions for High Purity Sector: Praj HiPurity
mohan | 25 Feb 2015

A name synonymous with quality, trust and ability, Praj HiPurity has carved a niche for itself ensuring that the requirements of the industry are always taken care of.

Having organized its business on the solemn promise of working hard towards building a greener and better future, Praj HiPurity takes it job very seriously. Investing paramount efforts in research as well as development, Praj HiPurity has developed a series of solutions that help in the businesses across industries to optimize the use of their resources especially that of water. This allows them to save money and do their bit for the environment as well. Also, the solutions developed by Praj HiPurity are in accordance to the American standards ensuring optimum efficiency for the process as well as the business in general. From the many options available for water purification processes, here is a brief preview of the solutions that Praj HiPurity offers.


Multi grade sand filter: This is an option for water that is high on the solid particle content. These filters are exclusively designed to remove the solid particles from the water as it pours through the filter. The two different grades of sand added to this machine provides surface and depth to the filtration process.


Carbon Filter: This is a filter specifically designed to reduce the chlorine content in the water that is to be used in the industrial processes.


Softner: There are times when the water that is generally hard and therefore can't be used in the industrial process. However, with the softner, the hardness of the water can be reduced to a great extent and made friendly for industrial processes as well.


Reverse osmosis: Yet another specially developed membrane separation process that helps in cleaning the water, making it ideal for several types of industrial processes. Being housed in a pressure vessel, these membranes work beautifully when it comes to removing the impurities from the water.


Ultra filtration process: Developed by experts, the ultra filtration process is also based on membrane separation. As the water permeates through the membrane, the impurities are gradually removed ensuring the water can be used for several types of industrial processes.


Demineralizer: This is a specific process that helps in getting rid of the dissolved impurities and minerals that tend to harden the water and making it unfriendly for most of the industrial processes. This is just some of the water purification processes mastered by Praj HiPurity.


Where are these processed used?


These water purification processes are used in chemical industry, pharmacy, cosmetics, healthcare and several other sectors. Also, the processes are industry grade and developed with a vision to help increase the overall efficiency of the business. Being in business for several years, Praj HiPurity has a credible client list comprising of several business owners that have added more profits to their overall revenues with the use of these HiPurity solutions.