Intercaste Marriages
Nitin Dutta | 01 Dec 2011

I would like to share some experience on how families ignore their own child feeling just for the sake of their reputation in the society.

Marriages are made in heaven. This is a well-known saying. When two people meet and their marriage is solemnized, it is believed that this is the wish of god.

Here I would to present a practical face of one counrty which depicts how our country's women are treated in society. These problems related to cast or love marriage or age descrimination are not only ends with one but it has been spread all over world.

So no one has any right to interfere in a god wish but there are so many examples can be seen in Nepal especially Kathmandu where just a name of reputation or fear of cast, families began torturing their child without understanding their needs and emotions.

Here the question arise for all of us, “When God created men and women, he has not assigned any caste on them. So, how can the human beings divide God's created world into castes and communities”.

This problem is not only related with caste but also has some other drawbacks.
In a practical example which I have seen, in which a boy from India loves a girl from Kathmandu, Nepal. Their love is true and accepted by the boy’s family but ignored by the girl’s family just for the sake of their prestige and  due to thier country and age differences. Due to security issues I would not be able to disclose their identities but I have seen in front of me where a women who is one of the V.I.P. in Kathmandu and involved in social service activities but inside her home, tortures the girl without understanding her girl’s feeling and emotions.

So another question arises, who will come forward to solve this type of problems?
Should government interfere in this and if boy and girl are ready then why not law should be made for them and they can happily marry without the interruption of their families who are just filled with fake name & fame?

Is there any solution for that girl and boy who have done no fault but just did a true love but parents are ready to find out fault in them like cast difference, age difference and country differences.

Why don’t we try to understand if a child is above to its legal age then it’s his or her right to share their emotions which should be acceptable by their parents instead of finding the weak points?

Government should come forward to make such policies and rules which can encourage marriage between the members of two different castes & punish those families who torture their child for their own sake. There should be some type of appreciation from the government so that more inter-caste marriages can take place. Though government has taken many steps to improve the situation but still there is a great need to implement more measures to make the situation happier.