Invitation to Andhara, Rayalaseema MPs from Chidambaram

It is hoped the issue of Telangana will be cleared in few days and home minister is meeting with the Andhra MPs to discuss. After that the Home Minister would like to meet telangana MPs.

INVITATION TO Andhra and Rayalseema parliament members by Home Minister P.Chidambaram on 20th of this month indicates that the UPA Government is in a hurry to take a decision on Telangana statehood.

After submitting the report to Home Minister P Chidambaram, by Sri Krishna committee on  Telangana, the UPA Government and the President of AICC Sonia Gandhi it seems are in double mind regarding Telangana.

The Sri Krishna Committee‘s report has not satisfied the Telangana leaders and people and it has not given a straight advice to the Government but given six formulas to choose one among them.

To suppress the people reactions the government has deployed more than 120 companies even before the announcement of Sri Krishna Report and also issued certain guide lines for electronic media not to show any violent scenes.

Though the present situation is peaceful but one cannot say how long this peace will prevail.

On the political front all parties belongs to Telangana giving pressure to Union Government to place telangana Bill in the forth coming budget session. But the Center is yet to place it before the Cabinet and get the advice of it.

The position of Congress is very much dwindling as it is unable to take any decision. If telangana is carved out of Andhra Pradesh the Andhra and Rayalaseema region will shoot back their discontent with agitations or in the coming elections.

Telangana Congress leaders are also very serious on AICC and its president Sonia that she was not talking anything regarding the separation of state. Till now what they were telling that Congress can only give and bring.

The TRS party is patiently observing the Congress politics and they are waiting for the budget sessions to stall the proceedings in state assembly to bring the notice of nation.

Whatever it is the UPA government is also worrying about the telangana and wanted to pacify its MPs but the situation is very different.

She has to lose one area’s favor by taking a decision to favor of one area.

All political parties including Telugudesam were telling that they have no objections if Telangana is separated but don’t know why the issue has been dragged and being expanded.