IPL VS Elections
Ayush | 24 Mar 2009

its about how the IPL became a pride of India.

Yes you are right I'm talking about the IPL VS Elections. Elections are on the brink so as well the IPL.. Clashes between BCCI & Centre is graving day by day. If we look from the security point of view India is going through many problems like cross- border terrorism, disturbances with neighbors, war like situation with Pakistan. Hence, the most pertinent question will be what will be the situation in India in the year 2009.

BUT, If one were to take a survey in India as to whether the people want elections or IPL, I have little doubt our people, for most of whom cricket is a religion will opt for IPL. Our politicians have, over the years miserably failed to take the message of democracy to the electorate. They, the people of India are taking democracy and elections for granted. It is a sad state of affairs.

According to our holly Politicians elections are very much important as your brunch. But the question which raises a finger toward our Defence and security is Shifting IPL just because of security reasons then is it the worth to spend 60- 70% of our revenue on defence

And though officially BCCI, an apparently non-governmental body is organizing the IPL, teams are owned by well known entrepreneurs & stinking-rich Celebrities. And they want the Government to provide security. They cite the Pakistan blasts in their support and argue that if we postpone the IPL, it will give out a wrong signal to the world, the international community will club India along with other countries of the region. And therefore, in order to ‘prove’ to the whole world that we are Not a terror Infected society, we have to hold the IPL matches inside the country.

We all know this is a matter of pride for all of us, government have to think again what message it will convey if they are saying that we are not able to defend our home affairs due to security reasons. If this is the reason than a Big Question Arises: How to Conduct Common Wealth Games.......?????????