Is Chandrababu Naidu water down Balakrishna ambitions to contest in polls ?
Narendra Ch | 11 Apr 2014

Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu has reportedly watered down his brother-in-law and popular Telugu film actor Nandamuri Balakrishna’s ambition to take active part in politics by contest in the present election. Since the times of his father N T Rama Rao started TDP, he has been camapining for the party during period of elections. But hardly he has been taking any interest during other times.

But since more than a year he has been expressing his keen interest to contest in the polls and keeping every one guess on the constituency from where he want to contest. With the success of his latest film `Lagend’ at the box-office, many hopes are raised on his active role in politics.


Even Chandrababu Naidu also indicated several times that he will take a decision after discussing with him. Even he said last week that whichever constituency he sought would be given to him.


Feeling happy with positive response from his brother-in-law, last week he expressed hope to contest from Hindupur from Anantapur district. His father N T Rama Rao had won from this constituency three times. Since then only TDP candidates are winning all the times.


There were also speculations that he may chose to contest from Gudiwada in Krishna district, as his native village Nimmakur comes in this constituency. Some speculations were spread suggesting Penamaluru constituency from the same district, viewing as safe seat for TDP.


However, after returning from Hindupur, he met Chandrababu Naidu at the later’s residence and held discussions for more than an hour on Monday evening. Since then, observers witnessing change in his voice. On the next day in Karimnagar, he surprisingly said that he had no plans whateoever to contest in the ensuing general elections. He, however, said he would abide by the decision of the party high command on contesting elections.

This statement was shocked many party leaders as it came at a time when the political circles in the State were abuzz with the reports of his imminent plunge into politics.  The actor himself, on a number of occasions, declared that he was going to contest in the upcoming polls at any cost.

But the sudden change of mind by the scion of Nandamuri family came as a surprise for many senior leaders of the party including his fans.They wonder whether the statement is an indication that Chandrababu Naidu did not want to have any threat from his own family members to his supremacy in the party.

Many die-hard fans and supporters of NTR family feel that Naidu was behind the statement made by Balakrishna as he did not want to have an alternative power centre within the party. They recall how Naidu had successfully thwarted the attempts of other family members of NTR family like Nandamuri Hari Krishna, the elder brother of Balakrishna, to grow into independent leaders.

'Hari Krishna wanted to take over the party after the death of our party founder NTR. His attempts were thwarted by Naidu and he was shown the door in an unceremonious manner by the party leadership.Though he returned to party fold after making futile attempts to run Anna Telugu Desam Party, Hari Krishna never enjoyed the status what he had before in the party. His son and film actor Junior NTR was snubbed by the party president on many an occasion,' a senior party leader said.


The leader doubted that Naidu might have scuttled the ambitious plans of Balakrishna keeping the same threat perception in mind.'Balakrishna is more popular than Harikrishna in the state. He also commands a lot of respect in the party and in the public as well.


Many in the party suspects that Naidu might have felt that the actor would emerge into the second center of power in the party sidelining him. Though he is father-in-law of his son Lokesh, he reportedly making all efforts not to give scope for any future internal trouble for ham in the party.


Another party leader, while recalling the trail of similar incidents that took place in the past, said that NTR's elder daughter Daggubati Purandeswari could not join the party despite her strong attempts and remained an outsider.

'Purandeswari wanted to serve in the party founder by her father. At no point, she was allowed into the party. The reason was very simple for everybody to understand-the possible threat to the position of Naidu in the party,' the leader noted.