Is fogging real or on paper only
Vinod Anand | 17 Aug 2013

Is fogging real or on paper only DM MUST ORDER SECRET PROBE (Vinod Anand) The mosquito menace has undoubtedly increased manifold and the problem has assumed frightening dimensions in the areas that have just out of the flood grip. It was quite gratifying to note that under instructions from District Magistrate Raj Shekhar, fogging has already been conducted in some areas including Kareli, Islampur, Chota Bhagaram, Shankarghatm Teliarganj, Nyay Nagar, Muirabad, Shivkuti, Beli village, Salon and Kailshputi. Whether the fogging is having the desired impact or not is a question that is worrying me. I would like to request people living in these areas to give me a ring and tell me whether fogging was actually done there and whether it has been effective. We know how the things are done in the city. So far as nullah cleaning is concerned in the past there have been instances when the drains were not actually cleaned but shown on record as done. Payment was made. Check number too was noted. But on verification it was learnt that actually no-cleaning of drains was done. You have seen the mess of the Maha Kumbh roads. A bigger Maha Fraud was not exposed so soon, Even if the fogging has been done, it should be verified whether the operation has shown effective results. I was told that the fraud is committed in various ways. First, the fogging area s curtailed; thus saving is made on diesel consumption -which is shown high but the surplus pocketed. Then the insecticide actually meant for the purpose is not used, that a mixture is sprayed and sometimes only kerosene is used. Bu-t n paper the best insecticide could be shown as used though it might never have been purchased and the money charged pocketed by clever guys. I recall once a malaria department people came to spray my area. ‘How long will the effect last?’ I asked the team. The reply I got was, ‘15 days’. But the mosquitoes came 15 minutes after they left! Aren’t you reminded of the Manoj Kumar song, ‘Jai Bob Beiman ki?’ But the matter this time is more serious because the after-flood situation is very grave. I -would request the DM to entrust, a secret inquiry into the insecticide used, if at all some people are cashing in on the misery of the masses they should be caught and punished. -