Is getting justice in India a distant star?
ISHA SHARMA | 29 Jan 2011

India has been developing in all aspects and it the development isn't confined to few areas but its wide! However where the Indian's still continue to battle is JUSTICE!

INDIA HAS reached zeniths of success and the success has not at all remained confined to some areas but to various arenas like sports, technology, education, motors, lifestyle et al. India has made its mark everywhere.
There are some pests to India’s development which has been continuously hampering India’s growth and success like poverty, illiteracy, corruption which still proves to be a bad nightmare for India but the worse of all which has been constantly affecting India is “injustice” and the “loopholes in the Indian judiciary”!

There have been cases in India where the poor and the sufferers continue to battle whole of their lives for seeking justice but all of their efforts go in vein. They spend their whole lifetime and also their life time income in order to get justice which they unfortunately never get!
Where does the problem lie? Not only the judicial system we sit and criticise but its the dirty power play of politics and corruption which continue to haunt the innocent people and whole of the country where justice seems like nothing big but a distant star. According to sources, there are around 4 million cases pending in India’s 21 high courts, a figure which even few folks fail to understand the number of zeroes in it.

Few cases if we look behind which can leave us numb and distraught are like the famous Ruchika Girhotra case, in 1990’s where a 14 year old girl was inspected by a inspector general Rathore in Haryana.
Hats off to the power of the COP which costed him nothing but Nineteen years, 40 adjournments and 400 hearings later, all Rathore got was six months of imprisonment and a 1000 Rupees fine. However, he obtained bail within 10 minutes of the verdict after furnishing a bail bond of 10,000 Rupees. This seriously demonstrates a miscarriage of the Indian judicial system. After he bailed himself out from the court all he flaunted was a smile on his face of his victory and defeat of India's judicial system.

Another case which made a huge impact on India was the Jessica Lall Murder Case on which recently a movie named “No One Killed Jessica” was also released which was directed by Raj Kumar Gupta. The murder brought nothing but utter shame to the Indians when they apparently came across the fact that the innocent girl ,an aspiring model cum actress was shot dead only because she denied a glass of drink to the son of a wealthy politician!
This paid her and her family heavily as they fought for almost 6 years after which justice was bestowed on them by the court! The most shameful part of the case being that the murder took place in the presence of more than 300 eye witnesses and 7 were present on the spot when Manu Sharma shot her! But as we know all that speaks in India is money!

Another latest case and MEDIA’s AND whole country most talked about mysterious murder mystery called the “ARUSHI MURDER MYSTERY or THE TWIN MURDER MYSTERY” which unfortunately still remains a mystery!
It was a case which could bring Goosebumps to any Indian when they came to know that the little 14 year old girl Arushi was found murdered in her own home in a Porsche colony of NOIDA one morning in 2008! The case was being handled by the UP police but later was took over by CBI when the fact came to enlighten that the main target or the suspect HEMRAJ, the Nepal domestic help of the TALWAR FAMILY was himself found dead on the terrace of their house after 2 days of the murder!
This was shocking because it was assumed that he was the murderer but due to over-callous  attitude of UP police that the case became worse with more twists and turns !And now all we can hear is ARUSHI crying from above screaming for justice to her but it seems it’s too much she’s expecting from our country! Or it seems that it’s going to be “NO One killed Arushi too”! SHAMEFUL!

The question here is do we really need a huge public outcry and demonstration for every case that is meted out with every wrong judgement.?? What we need is stronger law enforcements and cleaner judicial system free from any sort of corruptions.  The judicial system should stop being biased to the wealthy lot and the criminals, politicians.

 and the police and bureaucrats, cases like Ruchika or Jessica Lal would become fewer.Or justice is India will continue to be a DISTANT STAR!