Is it PM Relief Fund or Grief Fund !
John F Williams | 09 Dec 2011

You could land up in jail for issuing a cheque that bounces but here it is a routine. A widow who must have made hundreds of rounds to the government offices finally got the cheque but unfortunately, it bounced due to lack of funds.

A WIDOW whose husband had committed suicide on 23 August 2006 was handed over a cheque of Rs 10,000 on February 7, 2007 by Yavatmal District Collector under the Prime Minister's Relief Fund, which unfortunately bounced for lack of funds. She got the cheque as a part of financial assistance under the Prime Minister's National Relief fund, a NGO Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti, President Kishore Tiwari said.

 The cheque deposited with District Central Co-Operative Bank, Yavatmal, bounced with the bank informing Vandana of the fund insufficiency on June 29 in a note, he said.

Copies of bounced cheque and intimation to account holder from Co-operative Bank were handed over to the media. Mr Tiwari said that an amount of Rs six lakhs have been allotted to each district for the immediate financial assistance to such distressed farmers' families.

 Was there any good reason why the concerned Collector was not suspended with immediate effect for his serious lapse of duty? There is no use of handing over such cheques with no value. We are unaware about the number of rounds the poor widow must have made to the Collector’s office and she must have gone from pillar to post before she received the cheque. It is merely a matter of shame and a mockery of the largest democracy of the world.

Bureaucracy has actually caused a lot of damage to this country and it was yet another case of negligence by a bureaucrat. We come to know about such incidents through media but they also need to follow up the cases.