Is Justice Delayed ,Justice Denied?

Due to vested intrest ,almost all the judicial matters are delayed,postponed and avoided by the system.We have seen case of Afzal Guru,Kasab and Bhopal's gas tregedy.Victims are waiting for justice but implimentation is still far away.


Is Justice delayed justice denied?


Ultimately the main accused of Gyaneshwari train tragedy Khagan Mahento has been caught by local Kharagpur police. This is not first time that he has been discovered by police. Previously he has record of being kept in jail some more times. As we all know that , the incident of May 27th 2010,was an act of sabotage. The Maoists have used the van to transport the materials for railway work. This is the same common van which is being frequently used by railways as well as by the Maoists. What is not thing of understanding?Involvement of railway people is there .Are such silly things beyond understanding of policy makers and civil administration?

The entire episode starts when some Maoists of People Committee Against Police Atrocities(PCAPA) and locals have called him before mishap to discuss the matter once more thoroughly. He is the well known figure in the area ,whom later remanded to ten days police custody by Jhargram court. He is the same person ,who has links with Bapi mahto ,the main accused of Gyaneshwari train tragedy.

Not only police and local administration ,but from every nook and corner of the area, one can inquire the actual involvement of many such people .But who will hold the responsibility of inquiry of sincere efforts? As we all know the role of Kasab, Afzal guru ,Khagan and Bapi mahto ,still every effort of postponing the things is at its full swim. All the times important decisions are being delaying/avoiding / guiding/pressurizing by influential political leaders or by selfish so called social activists. The justice of sufferers are being denied by established system.

Due to lack of moral values,such things could be easily observed .I have seen personally how after passing , full 25 years of Bhopal Gas Tragedy,many real victims like me are not allowed to get a single penny of compensation,/justice ,who has lost both parents. My eyesight is also badly affected. Our family spend more than Rs three lakhs on treatment of my father who had ultimately had to cut his both black legs(due to MIC gas his both legs had been turned into black blood. This was rare case mentioned in Government/ hospital records) at Govt Hamidia Hospital Bhopal and on 16th th june 1990 and he took his last breath of his life. On 28th November 1984 my mom had gone for her eye operation at same above hospital and her eye bandage had been removed on 2nd day of December under the treatment of Dr Raizada. After this gas tragedy she had lost her both eyes and making them little visible ,we spent another Rs few lakhs .Whenever we apply for compensation ,authorities of judicial level simply avoid to pay the same. Although some nominal amount Rs 25000,has been sanctioned by Bhopal court and copy of that court order is kept with me, but still same excuses--------of avoiding ?

In nut shell we can not avoid to say “the justice delay is justice denied ''.There is need of moral education for police,policy makers, judicials, program makers and every one who has concern with society.