Is Kiran Kumar Reddy succeeded in delaying Telangana process ?
Narendra Ch | 23 Aug 2013

Since the Congress Working Committee resolved favouring creation of Telangana state, bifurcating Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy started projecting himself as champion for the cause of the people of Seemandhra while not hesitating to disobey the high command's orders.


Even all powerful MP like Kavuru Sambasiva Rao started remaining silent since his induction into union cabinet and keeping low profile, otherwise cool Kiran Kumar Reddy is now seen with a revolt attitude against the Center.

Ignoring state Congress party affairs incharge Digvijay Singh’s time to time statements that there is no going back from the decision on Telangana and A K Antony committee is only to address the concerns of the Seemandhra people, Kiran Kumar Reddy repeatedly making strong presentations before the party high command opposing party decision. Political observers feeling that though Kiran Kumar Reddy failed to convince his party high command on the need to go back on its commitment for Telangana state, he succeeded in keeping the decision abeyance for the presence and the process is bound to be delayed.

Surprisingly, he is daring to show adamant attitude towards party chief Sonia Gandhi adamantly arguing against state bifurcation though she is saying no scope for any discussion on this issue. Though he failed to get any assurance from her against going back from party’s decision on Telangana, after his two-day Delhi trip, he is confident that the Center is bound to slow down the process of formation of new state. His supporters are stating that the Chief Minister succeeded in making a heart-touching presentation before the party high-command, by which it would be difficult for them to move ahead in this regard.

Sources said that by presenting several glaring problems that are bound to surface after bifurcating of the state in both the regions,  he only pleaded to get examine those issues with expert panels before bifurcation.  Everyone in the politics is aware that it would be difficult for any government go provide solutions acceptable to both the regions for such complex problems.

The Congress high command seems to be failed to give any concrete response to the issues raised by the Chief Minister, but the only weak response was that the party had taken that decision only after repeated requests by party leaders from all regions in the state urging her to settle the issue once and for all.

The only response from Sonia Gandhi seems to be that she wondered why Kiran Reddy and his peers from Seemandhra, who had earlier said they would abide by the party’s decision, are now vehemently opposing the party decision. “The party has decided to form Telangana state only after all other parties in AP demanded the same. As the people of Telangana have been agitating to get statehood to their region for over 60 years, our party has decided to settle the issue permanently,” Sonia was quoted as saying.

Sensing weak attitude in the party high command expressing its inability to provide strong arguments for formation of Telangana state, Kiran Kumar Reddy seems to be jubiliant and intensifying his lobbying. Even he spread news that he may float a new regional outfit in Seemandhra region, if the center moves ahead with its Telangana decision.

According to sources, during the meeting with Sonia Gandhi, Kiran Reddy presented two reports--one on the ongoing agitation in Seemandhra and another on the the apprehensions of Seemandhra people over the status of Hyderabad and sharing of river waters and other resources. The Chief Minister is learnt to have urged his boss to go ahead with state bifurcation only after Antony committee addresses all the issues raised by him.

Kiran Kumar Reddy also reportedly submitted some CDs and newspaper clippings to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, to buttress his argument that the ongoing agitation in Seemandhra is a voluntary response to the Congress decision to bifurcate AP.

According to sources, Kiran Kumar Reddy told his party leadership that as many as 50 lakh people of Seemandhra region had made Hyderabad their home in the last 60 years of united AP. All of them are feeling insecure about their safety and security in Hyderabad post division, he reportedly said.