Is media biased against Asaram?
surajit majumdar | 21 Sep 2013

In last few days only thing that came in light is that most of the Print and Electronic media was blaming Saint Asaram bapu, even no blame on him is proven yet the entire media community had given him verdict as if he is proven guilty. Why So?

More than one  lakh devotee along with all many Saints have stared satayagrah from 11 sept on Jantar mantar - New Delhi, however no media coverage was there expect a few . Where are media people who have blame him cannot show the devotion of his devotee who are not ready to believe anything else their Bapu Ji is innocent, just not people from Delhi but entire India have join here . Be it Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Bangalore, Gujarat or New York his devotee still believe he is innocent and will be forever believing that he is Innocent .The devotees are not only from remote area but from Delhi and New York and are who well educated and well position in life be it scientist, IT professional, IAS officer, IIT student, Corporate, BPO employee, in every field of life. Why there is so much of faith on him, why people are ready to sacrifice themselves for him. No pain stopping them to come forward to show their support for their Bapu Ji. Why still people love him so much beside the entire media tried damage his image.  There are lakhs of Devotee still see him as Divine. Why this is not show on any media coverage? (please see the picture) 

How many people aware of the fact that Bapu Ji has more than 40 million followers all over India and abroad. , many of them are Punam Varthdahri ( on every full moon day they keep fast for  entire day and will only eat after his darshan) , how many of you aware he has called for celebrating 14 February ( Valentine Day) as day to worship your mom and dad ( matri-pitri pujan divas) , he is the one given the world message of Bramacharya ( celibacy )  , he is one who has converted many drug addicted to lead normal life. How many people aware he has 400 Ashram, 17000 balsanskar kendra's, How many aware he made traditional medicine and ayurvedic medicine available in very cheaper cost even free distribution. Be it flood and natural calamity in Uttra Kand  , Ashram have always contributed( please viewwww.ashram.org). Why no media coverage for this? (please see below picture) 

Why Media is biased - your Job is not to Judge but show the fact and figure, let people decide, Let law of the land decide. Media is not authorized to give it Verdict to anyone. Let the respective Concern do that job. It is time to awake. Every time you can not fool all the people all the time.  Why you show only one side of the picture? 

Nearly 7 lakhs people have disconnected  and stop seeing channel who have defamed bapu ji picture and have pledge never to view them. The world is balance of negative and positive force it does not matter if darkness comes in a while however can not stop the light to glow. Because in light we live. Like Saint Kabir , Nanak Ji, Namdev , Ramkrishna Paramhans, Sai Baba etc were tried to be defamed.  what has happen to those Defamer  you have no record of those people who has tried to defamed them but till date we worship these Sanits . Same thing will happen to him. Bapu ji will remain Bapu to us. I feel honoured to Be a Devotee of Bapu Ji , I feel honoured and proud to be his devotee and follower. With Chest held high and bold voice I say yes I am devotee of Saint Shri Asaram Bapu. Jai Guru dev.