Is might right?
Satbir Singh Bedi | 09 Aug 2013


Is might right?  Well, some of the statements made by
certain famous people would tend to indicate that
might is right viz., Napoleon's saying that God is on
the side of the big battalions or Mao's dictum that
power flows from the barrel of a gun or Darwin's
theory of survival of the fittest.  

In my opinion, might is right in so far as animals are
concerned.  However, the animals are not guided by any
greed and their only requirement is the filling of the
belly.  Once, a lion had filled his belly, it does not
kill anybody.  All the animals can move around it when
it is well fed (fed up).  However, the same is not the
case with human beings because they have intelligence
and communication.  Of course, like a lion who would
not eat very small animals, human beings who have
reached mighty heights never think of taking any
criticism from the poor or even middle class people
seriously.  For example, a Mulayam Singh Yadav or a
Manmohan Singh is not much bothered about what common
man thinks about him.  He is bothered by the criticism
of somebody who is close to be his equal.  He thinks
below his dignity to be concerned about the remarks of
a common man.  Of course, he is bothered only when
somebody penetrates his organization or tends to
affect his vote bank because organization and vote
bank are crucial to a mighty man's survival.

Now, an intelligent man passes IAS examination or
becomes CEO of some MNC and thus become mighty. 
However, this might is nothing against the man's
ability to build an organization through his
communication style.  For example, Mulayam Singh is much more
powerful than IAS people not because the latter lack
him in intelligence but they surely lack Mulayam Singh's
ability to communicate with the masses and build an
organization which takes him to control power through
electoral process.  Sometimes it means to raise an
organization of Dons to get to the top.

The point I am trying to make is that in the case of
human beings also, might is right to a large extent
depending on your intelligence and more than that the
ability to organize people.

Of course, rebels who are intelligent as well as able
to organize gangs do exist and become so powerful that
they replace the regime of a country.  However, even
then might is right.