Is this a strange world or am I a strange man?!
Satbir Singh Bedi | 28 Feb 2014

I woke up in the morning and after washing up my face, I switched on the computer and started listening to film music on youtube. My wife handed me a cup of hot tea and asked, "The day has started and you began listening to film music. People start their day by listening to devotional songs. Why do you not do the same thing?"

I told her, "What is wrong in listening to the film music in the morning and why should I listen to devotional music at all if I am not interested in it?"
She replied "By listening to devotional music in the auspicious hours of the morning, your day would begin on a bright note and you may salvage your soul and attain deliverance."
I told her, "What is the guarantee that by listening to devotional music, my day would start on a bright note and I would be able to attain deliverance."
She told me, "It is useless to talk to you.  You will never reform."
I then went to fetch a packet of cigarettes and was returning from the shop when I was accosted by a neighbour who told me, "You must give up smoking otherwise you are bound to die of cancer and you must go for a walk in the morning to improve your health."
I told him, "A number of people in my family died of cancer and none of them including my male relatives ever smoked in their lives.  I have seen a number of smokers, even chain smokers not dying of cancer but of some other diseases. And what is the guarantee that by taking morning walk, I will improve my health and live longer.  I have seen a number of people going for a morning walk daily, dying in their early age."
My neighbour looked hard at me and stated, "You are incorrigible.  You will never be reformed."
I then started introspecting whether this was a strange world or I was a strange person.