Ishqq faqeerii music album released in Jammu
Rajiv | 17 Feb 2014

A new album titled as "Ishqq faqeerii" was released in Jammu by noted artist Aroon Bakshi along with his producer Deepak Maini and the state president of Shri Ram Sena J&K, Rajiv Mahajan at a function here today.

Releasing the album, Bakshi said "It has been in my heart to release a Sufi Album. For me, all masters are a way to reach that supreme power. Love and righteousness is the universal message that every master has taught". He said In these Aquarian times when everyone is loaded with information and impacted with profound changes at a lightning speed - every human is seeking peace, some solace, and a 'pause'. There is a huge cacophony of ideas, emotions and that too at a very fast pace, he said, adding the only way to match pace is to sync your inner self with the Supreme as it is the Supreme that alone has the remote. Aroon Bakshi, whose roots have always been firmly grounded with the Supreme, is truly a pan-genre artist. In January 2013, he promised his fans to take them on a different journey starting with 'Sufi' and the entire year has passed with him living his promise. He released albums in various genres including Bhangra-pop, Gurbani and Rababi, and now after massive prodding by his fans, he is out with his ever emotional Sufi album. Shri Ram Sena Chief has lauded the efforts of the great artist and his team for bringing out such an extraordinary album for the benefit of the people in the country.