It is a colourful world and the only lucky number is number 2(two)
Satbir Singh Bedi | 03 Aug 2013

Although I am not an astrologer but I can tell you

that the only lucky number in the world is number 2


My uncle wanted to sell his car and his house as he

was going to immigrate to USA.  The Commission Agent

whom he contacted asked him whether he would like to

receive the money in number 2 or he wanted just white

money.  My uncle stated that he wanted white money. 

The Commission Agent told him that in that case, he

would get a very low price for both his car as well as

his house because for getting white money,

registration fee would have  to be paid and in fact,

there was so little of white money with the people

that they simply would not be able to pay much.  Then

my uncle got greedy and agreed to the Commission

Agent's proposal to get the money in number 2. 

However, he asked the Agent how the money is obtained

in number 2.  The Agent stated that my uncle would

have to sell the house by giving power of attorney to

the buyer and receive some money in white through a

Bank Draft and the rest of the money would be paid in

cash and that would be the no.2 money or black money. 

Similarly, some of the money for selling the car,

could be received in white through a bank draft while

rest of the money could be received in cash.

So, I can tell you without consulting any astrologer

that if you are starting a business, black is your

lucky colour.  Just deal through black money in a

black market and you would have luck on your side. 

However, if you are a journalist, then yellow is your

lucky colour.  If you are in film industry then blue

is your lucky colour. If you are a politician then

saffron and green are your lucky colours depending on

which religion you belong to or you can better opt for

a combination of these colours.  You can even go for a

combination of saffron, green and white colours to

appear secularist.  

The point is that it is a colourful world and you

enjoy by selecting a proper colour in keeping with

your profession.  Of course, remember that  the only

lucky no. is number 2.

Good luck to you.