It is neck and neck race for TDP and YSR CP in Andhra Pradesh

The 35 year old TDP is facing a neck to neck competition with two and half year old YSR Congress to take hold of the power in Andhra Pradesh.

It is do or die situation for TDP and YSR Congress in Andhra Pradesh. The exit polls of highly reputed channels like NDTV and CNN-IBN have given neck and neck situation and having equal chances for both parties. Having won the elections of Municipal and Zillah Parishad TDP is in full confidence of getting easy majority in Assembly elections but the exit poll surveys put them in agonize. However Telugu Desam party in Telangan has already lost its hopes to come to power though they have allied with BJP and now eyeing on only Andhra Pradesh

The NDTV survey has predicted 45% of vote share for both the parties in Andhra Pradesh but 40 %vote share for TRS in Telangana which is very far above to Congress of 23%.  The CNN-IBN had given the same 40%share of vote bank and given seat share to both 11 to 15 of parliament seats. It has said that the assembly elections would be neck and neck. The NDTV had said that if it was transferred to Parliament seats it would be 13+ for TDP-BJP combine and 12 to YSR Congress. When it comes to Assembly the NDTV had said that a special sample survey had taken for it and it was 46%.  If we come to seats the YSRCongress would get between 80-100 and TDP –BJP combine would settle with 75-95. The Congress would get 10 to 15 with 3 percent vote share.  In Telangana the TRS would get 65 to 80 assembly seats and Congress muster only 30 seats.

The significant thing was the expert panelist N.Ram who participated in the discussion and had expressed an opinion that the YRS Congress would get more assembly seats according to the exit poll. According to him the YRS would get trouble-free free majority.

Though the panelists discussed about the results of Muncipal and Zilla Parishad but that would make no impact on the assembly elections and survey had been taken up after the local body elections.

Apart from the NDTV and CNN-IBN the other surveys like C-voter and Apex survey of News-x had projected 14 and 15 seats to YSR and 11 to NDA in Andhra,. Some other surveys except Times Now have come to opinion that YSR Congress would emerge as leader in Andhra.