It is now or never!
Satbir Singh Bedi | 10 Jun 2014

The last time BJP led NDA Government came to power under the leadership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, it could not fulfill many of its promises made to the people. Those promises include deportation of illegal Bangladesh migrants, Ram temple construction, implementation of the Uniform Civil Code, abrogation of article 370.

The reason given for not fulfilling these promises were that BJP did not have majority on its own and was bound by the coalition Dharma of its allies like JD(U), etc. However, now a golden opportunity has come for BJP to fulfill these promises made to the people of India as it has been given a clear majority on its own. Now people will not accept any excuse from BJP Government as they have vested it with full majority.

It is also ripe time for BJP Government to implement the economic reforms and implement other schemes like inter-linking of the rivers. With a clear mandate, it should not be difficult for the BJP Government to undertake such steps. It can also talk tough with China and Pakistan as it has a clear majority in the Lok Sabha and can build a defence pact with Israel to counter Sino-Pak axis.

Moreover, it can free hapless Tibetan who are being ethnically cleansed from yoke of the Chinese by recognizing the Tibetan Government in Exile and preparing the Tibetan youth to fight China militarily through guerilla warfare. It is now or never as it is only on a few occasions that Governments get absolute majority on their own to do what they feel would be in the nation's best interests.