It's no more an India of mY dreams.
D.o | 15 Apr 2007

Painful Childhood, No respect for a women, Politics and power rule; its no more my motherland about whom I read it in my History text books when I was in class eight. Every morning, as I open the newspaper, I feel more insecure rather than worried. Insecure, about myself, my life, an added fear becuase I am a woman. Leave Delhi, India is no more secure for women. And mind you age doesn’t come in the way. Be it a three year old girl, or a 40 year old, female is only made the object of desire. Men not only play with their dignity, they ruin their lives and happily escape through the exit door probably because money and the cops are in crime with them.
3 girls raped in Tilak Nagar area, "they were severely injured on their private parts." They went to play in the park, one fine evening when a devil came and took their innocence as a great advantage. "There was blood all over them and water was sprinkled on their bodies. They were crying profusely. One of them was trying to explain what happened; it was then she suddenly fainted."
These words not only kill me from inside, I abhor being a women. If this is what she gets, her sex becomes a reason for her destruction, then it would be far much better to be born as a man, despite its enormous pitfalls. Perhaps anything would be much better.
I believe castration is one way to teach the devils in disguise of human beings a lesson. Death Sentence would be too easy to get away with. Because a woman’s wound can never be healed.