Jagan going for litmus test

After announcing the new political party in Andhra Pradesh former MP YS.Jaganmohan reddy toured in rain hitted areas. He got good response from farmers

Y.S JAGANMOHAN Reddy, former M.P., and son of Late Dr. Ys.Rajasekhara Reddy son creating sensation in Andhra Pradesh politics. After 14 months struggle after the death of Dr.Ys. he explored his feelings and Resigned for Loksabha seat. The widow of Dr.ys.Vijayalakshmamma also resigned her assembly seat. Both of them resigned for the Congress party also. Few days back Jaganmohan Reddy announced that he has to float a new political party very soon.
Jagan’s Announcement creates sensation in political circles in the state. It became very curious to every politician. Along with powerparty opponent parties like Telugudesam and Prajarajyam also suffering with jagan mania in the state.
Particularly everybody discussing about the legislators, who will go along with jagan. But legislators even the hardcore followers of jagan also doesn’t leave their party and noone has submitted their resignations sofar to the legislative assembly. Ofcourse it may the part of their plan.
But Circumstances and instances are showing that jagan completely depends on the people and the second grade cadre those who are the admirers of his father. To prove this recently he has gone for litmus test in the state. He utilised the situation very well. He gone tour to rain hitted areas  and met the farmers directly and extended his moral support to them. Similarly the Chief Minister of State Kiran Kumar Reddy and Main opposition leader, Telugudesam party supremo Chandrababu nayudu also gone tour to rain hitted areas in Guntur,Krishna districts.
But the response from former are tremendous to jagan than Chiefminister and Main opposition leader. No doubt in the former sector Late Dr. Ys.Rajasekhara reddy has strong hold, because of somany favours to that setor. In the regime of Dr.Ys. proves cultivation is festival, not waste activity. That impact projects on jagans tour also. Eventhough the situation is unfortunate the loyalists of jagan are happy for the morvelous response from the people. Particularly Jagan toured the strongholds of Telugudesam Party.
The senior leaders of verious parties and the political analysts also expressing their wonder about the response. In the tour Jagan criticised the Government policies. “Any Government  should work for  the formers  sake. Otherwise they won’t continue their administration and there is no meaning for welfare”.Anyhow Jagan got a good response from farmers.