Jain Kalyanak Shobha Yatra taken out on Holi in Jaipur
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 09 Mar 2015

A Jain procession called Kalyanak Shobha Yatra, consisting of beautifully decorated elephants, horse chariots and bands along with community men and women wearing pooja dresses was taken out on Holi (March 6) in Jaipur.

In a sect of Jainism, the Panch-Kalyanak Pratishtha is the installation with five auspicious events for consecrating one or more Jain Tirthankara idols or pratimas. Often, Panch-Kalyanak Pratishtha is accompanied by a chariot drawn by elephants or by organizing an elephant procession and chariots driven by bullocks.

I was told that such Jain shobha yatras also have become the vehicles of propagating the tenets of Jainism like that every soul is bound by Karma from the very beginning and its impurity needs to be treated as an existing condition. In other words, the imperfectness in human beings is attributed to the existence of Karma in their souls.

Secondly, the human soul is in a position to attain perfection since it is also endowed with the potentials of infinite perception or faith, infinite knowledge, infinite power and infinite bliss which can be attained consciously with striving.

Thirdly, human life is meant for developing one's spiritual nature to control one's material nature which requires a total victory over senses and thoughts or mind.

Thus in Jainism, a person himself or herself alone is responsible for all that is good or bad in his or her life. He cannot absolve himself from the responsibility of experiencing the fruits of his actions.

In a nutshell, one's soul alone is responsible for all that it does and the universe goes on of its own accord. Essentially, in Jainism, the emancipated human soul is considered as God which is not concerned with the task of creation of this world.