Jain Sadhavi initiation ceremony held in Rajasthan
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 15 Dec 2013

A ceremonial initiation of Jain nuns or sadhavis into Digamber Jain order was organized from 11 to 13 December at Hingonia in Kalwad near Jaipur. Five sadhivis received Diksha after a procession and an evening dedicated to devotional singing, reported Rajasthan Patrika.

When a Jain woman renounces the worldly life and attachments willingly, she is initiated into nunhood. Thereafter, she is called Sadhvi, Shramani, or Aryika. According to Jainism, sadhavi's renunciation is total, which means that she is completely detached from the social and worldly activities.

When they get initiated into nunhood, they take five major vows and act strictly in accordance with those vows, namely, the vows of absolute Non-violence; truthfulness, non-stealing; non-attachment and celibacy. After initiation into nunhood, a sadhavi spends the time in spiritual uplifting of her soul and guiding householders how to uplift their souls.

While taking the five vows, nunhood inductee says, "O Lord Arihant! I will not commit the sins of violence, express falsehood, steal and enjoy sensual pleasures, or be possessive, by speech, thought or deed; nor will I assist or order anyone to commit these sins. I will not approve or endorse anyone committing such sins. Oh Lord! I hereby take a sacred and solemn vow that throughout my life, I will follow these five major vows and strictly follow the code of conduct laid out for a sadhu and a sadhvi."

The Jain sadhvis do not take food or water after the sunset or before sunrise. They wait 48 minutes after the sun-rise before even drinking boiled water. Under any circumstance, they do not eat or drink anything between the hours of sunset and sunrise.