Jaipur celebrates Adinath Jayanti
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 25 Mar 2014

Adinath Jayanti is being observed with devotion and gaiety in Jaipur’s Jain temples today, reported rajasthan Patrika. The programmes of procession, worshiping, devotional singing, lighting of earthen lamps, tree plantation, etc., are being undertaken.

Bhagwan Adinath was the first Thirthankara of the Jains who preached the doctrine of Ahimsa after performing meditation for purifying mind for several years. In Rajasthan, there two ancient and famous temple dedicated to him known as Adishwar Temple, Ranakpur and Adinath Temple, Bikaner.

It is widely believed by the Jains that all civilization was developed from the teachings of Adinath. He taught people how they could obtain food by tilting the soil that they should take up to agriculture for the production of food as a trade.

After becoming enlightened, he preached for many years, telling how to escape the cycle of birth and death and achieve eternal bliss. It is said that Bhagwan Adinath achieved Nirvana on the mountain of Kailash in the Himalayas when he was in complete Samadhi.

The symbol of Adinath is a Bull or Rishabh so he is known as Rishabha Dev. He preached the discipline of non-violence, universal interdependence and the logic of manifold aspects to rid of dogmatic, intolerant and unilateral attitudes towards the world around.  The followers of Jainism are expected to practise restraint and chastity in thought, word and deed as well of non-acquisitiveness of material gains.