Jaipur's Jains celebrate Shrut Panchami festival to mark the day of codification of tenets of Jainism
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 02 Jun 2014

Three-day Jain festival of Shrut Panchami is being celebrated in Jaipur that began on June with special prayers in Digamber Jain temples of the city. The festival is meant to celebrate the writing of the first Digambar Jain scriptures around 160 A.D. ago. It is held that the codification of Jain tenets took at Ankleshwar in Gujarat.

In Jaipur, to comommorate the an important Jain event, a number of activities such as worships, reading of scripture, seminars, processions and discourses by Jain monks have been scheduled from June 1 to 3. The first Jain scripture is highly venerated texual material on Jainism

It is said that for a long time the knowledge about Jain tenets was passed on orally and with time, the transmission of oral knowledge started diminishing. Two monks from the South  India –Pushpadant and Bhootbali - were engaged to cover oral knowledge into written language. As legend has it, the two monks wrote the first scripture called the Shatkhand Agam that was completed on the fifth day of the Jesht sud month, now known as as Shrut Panchami). It is believed that devas performed a special puja to sanctify the first Jain scriptures.
In Jainism, life  is viewed  the karma viewpoint and soul is regarded as the agent of the bondage as consequences of one's deeds. Thus, human actions form the basis of the transmigration of the soul as well as its bondage to a cycle of rebirth, trapped within the temporal world. It is held that liberation is attained through purification of mind by vanquishing all vices of the mind or victory over the the mind.