Japanese PM Shinzo Abe expresses deep remorse for the sufferings that Japan caused to the millions of Asians during world war 2
Ajit Chak | 19 Aug 2015

The latest news is that the Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe today expresses deep remorse for the sufferings that Japan caused to the millions of Asians during world war 2, but there was literally no limit to the war crimes and the excesses caused by Japan and its troops during the war. The reason why the Americans were forced to use the Atom bomb on Japan was to end this suffering and this war and minimise loss of lives.

True Japan has often played the innocent victim of nuclear fire in WW II but the truth of the matter is that the excesses of the Japanese Army were legion. Japanese soldiers and their war crimes today are not well publicised simply because most of these war crimes were not against the white race and white movie makers in Hollywood never considered this important enough. Even the white film Pearl Harbour paints Japan as an aggressor but limits the tragedy to the sinking of the USS Arizona and the US fleet at Pearl Harbour.

Japanese troops raped, murdered and pillaged in the Asian territories they conquered. Their victims were deprived of food and dignity and the territories they overran supplied forced labour sex slaves and even there were instances of cannibalism by Japanese troops.

The only reason why Nazi war excesses were more publicised was because of the Holocaust and the fact that there war excesses were nearer hope to London and Washington rather than far away in Java and Sumatra or Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and even the Indian Islands of Andamans and Nicobar.

Residents of Nicobar have recorded how the Japanese butchered thousands of Indians in these islands because they did not want them to eat the scant rations there and needed the same for the Japanese army.

Their brutality towards prisoners of war was well known and the brothels they created for the women they abducted from the countries they conquered produced horror stories which Hollywood is yet to document.

In all this Shinzo Abe may apologise for the conduct of his countrymen during the war.