J&K: Child dies, 6 serious after consuming stale sweets
Rajesh Bhat | 13 Apr 2008

J&K: Child dies, 6 serious after consuming stale sweets 
                              Rajesh Bhat
In absence of proper control and check on the   manufacture and sale of spurious goods, seven children fell ill after consuming stale sweets from a local tuck-shop in Kashmir village.
     Out of the seven kids, one lost his life while the condition of others was stated to be very critical.
      The incident occurred at village Shurat in Kulgam town of South Kashmir. The children, in the age group of three to eight years, reportedly consumed some sweets from a tuck shop near Shurat Panchayat Ghar. As the children reached their respective homes, they complained of acute stomach pain and later fell unconscious. They were shifted to Children’s Hospital Srinagar, where four year old Sharief Ahmad lost his life reportedly due to food-poisoning.
    Police has lodged the case to probe into the matter.
         The incident of food-poisoning has been a common feature in Jammu and Kashmir over the past few years. Every year, children, who consume either sweets or locally made ice-creams (called Kulfis), later fall severely sick.
   Death of Sharief Ahmad is not an isolated case. Such incidents are testimony to the fact that no proper checking of food-items and products are being conducted in India, especially during the hot and humid season when dairy items remain  either unprotected or prepared unhygienically.