J&K: Lady delivers baby on Hospital Corridor, not inside Labour Room!
Rajesh Bhat | 12 Apr 2008

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The advertisement, issued by National Health Mission of Government of India, claimed that nearly 80 lakh families have already been benefited from hospital delivery under ``Janani Suraksha Yojna?. Sadly, the same newspapers on the same day, in one of their columns carried a horrible news item under the title `` Doctor refuses to attend a pregnant lady, baby girl dies after birth?. This shocking incident occurred in a hilly and border district of Poonch in Jammu and Kashmir, forcing the State Government to order probe into the matter. This is a sordid tale of a 32 year old Noor Jahan of Mendhar, who repeatedly knocked the doors of the Government Sub-District Hospital Surankote but was not allowed to deliver the child inside the Labour Room. Instead, she was forced to attain the motherhood, without the assistance of the doctors, in a corridor of the hospital that has ironically a full-fledged Gynecology wing. Her motherhood, was, however, for a brief period as the baby died shortly after the birth under tragic circumstances. What could have been the compelling reason for this unfortunate lady to deliver the child in a corridor of the hospital and not in a labour room---- that is for the Enquiry Officer to pin point the reasons and fix the responsibility for the lapse. But the fact is that a human life was wasted at a time when emphasis is laid for availing the benefit under Janani Suraksha Yojna. State?s Health Minister Mangat Ram Sharma has constituted a committee comprising Deputy Commissioner Poonch and Chief Medical officer Poonch to probe into the matter. If today?s newspaper reports are to be believed, the lady was forced to give birth to a girl child on the hospital corridor after the concerned gynecologist--- ( a lady doctor) did not entertain her. Instead, the pregnant lady was asked to visit doctor?s private clinic. As Mehboob Hussain of village Salani ( Noor Jahan?s husband) expressed his inability to get operated his wife in a private clinic for cesarean, ( he being too poor to meet the expenses), the lady doctor denied the pregnant lady?s entry into the labour room. The poor family waited outside the labour room for hours together. Finally, when in distress, the lady had to deliver the child with the assistance of her some relatives. The girl child died soon after the birth, forcing the State Government to initiate enquiry. As the matter became public, Noor Jehan was finally shifted to the hospital ward but without her newly-born baby! ====== ?@AK^bnor???? 6 K q y ? ? + D F ? ?  , ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?  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