Dr.Yogesh Sharma | 28 Mar 2016

Souls of Lance Naik Hanamanthappa And Lance Naik Hemraj; Lamenting and shedding tears, Why we died? Why we died?


They wake up in the midnight,

Their voices can be heard from distance, 

Just hear them. Just hear them.

Their voices can be heard at LOC and Siachen. 


They heard the slogans of JNU,

A paradise for communist propagators

And lovers of Afzals and Maqbools,

But hardly thinking of their nation own.


Hug and kiss are their cherished syllabus,

Beef and mutton parties in the dorms,  

Burning of the Manusmriti, slur to Goddess Durga

Are their cultural fests.


Foreign repressor Lenin, Mao and Marx,

Are their Gods,

And worship Mahishasur with pride,

But no love for nation and martyrs.


In hostels and chambers,

Gather for fake revolutions,

On subsidized education and rooms,

But nation love this subsidized heaven.


Enjoying quotas and cashing backwardness,

Weaved a circle round so strong,

And close the eyes to enjoy backwardness,

For honey-milk are they fed. 


Freedom to roam with secular butterflies,

Those sleep among the revolutionaries, 

Souls of martyrs in their combat dress,

Seeking freedom to gun rogues in mortal dress,



N.B.  1- J.N.U.: is a very famous University in India. Full name Jawahar Lal University, situated in New Delhi, India.

           2- JNU has been in news for wrong reasons, (a) for anti-national slogans. (b) hailing terrorists like Afzal Guru and Maqbool Butt etc..(c) for insulting Hindu Goddess Durga and celebrating the birthday of demon Mahishasur. (d) for  organizing  hug and kiss fests. (e) for burning the Manusmriti. (f) distributing sweets on the massacre of soldiers.          

            3- Lance Naik Hanamanthappa ; is a soldier on Indian Army who died in a snow avalanche at Siachen, defending Indian posts.

             4- Lance Naik Hemraj ; Another Indian soldier who was kidnapped by Pakistanis and he was very brutally murdered and his head was cut by them.

             5- Afzal Guru and Maqbool Butt: Both terrorists and given capital punishments.