John and Genelia partially married
ISHA SHARMA | 28 Mar 2011

Some actors are too passionate about perfection in their work on the professional front.But sometimes this could lead them in trouble and wierd situations.And this is what happened with the duo.

 John and Genelia are actors who believe in perfection till satisfaction it seems.And that’s what happened on the sets of FORCE where a marriage sequel between the two had to be shot.But the scene took a realistic turn when,the ON-SCREEN couple fled away with the marriage rituals and the mantra which the REAL PANDIT was chanting and they were about to take the 7th phera which would have declared them a MARRIED COUPLE according to the Hindu Mythology. And the two actors were shooting while there were a multi-camera set up and the scene had to be captured in a minimum number of shots.

And the whole crew realised the factor a bit late after the actors were done with the 6th phera and were about to take the 7th phera,and the Pandit who was appointed too didn’t understand the fact of CUT by the director and he did his job of conducting wedding in the best manner he could.But better late than never.And when the director told the pandit to wind up the marriage,he got angry as he said that a marriage should not be stopped in between,but he was some-how convinced that it was a REEL MARRIAGE and  not a REAL MARRIAGE. John and Genelia laughed and giggled,and this definitely made the scene better and more realistic.