Joint Venture to Create 'Green' Cement.
Himanshu Verma | 02 Apr 2015

Navrattan Blue Crete Industries Private Limited(NBCIPL) is the first ever international joint venture company between Navrattan Free Power Corporation Limited of India and Blue World Crete Inc. of United States of America. The company was founded to develop, manufacture and market a new high performance 'Green' cement, called as Navrattan Blue Crete cement, a breakthrough technology and an alternative to a century old Portland cement industry.

NBCIPL is amongst the first companies in India that is completely unswerving to environmental protection as one of its prime corporate objectives. Providing this mega alternative to Portland cement the company manufactures new cement that is a hybrid of geo-polymer and nano -ceramic cement utilizing algae, marine and domestic plant life, and industrial waste material. The process of manufacturing Navrattan Blue Crete cement is completely different from that of Portland cement and is not dependent on the use of fossil fuels or large kilns. The cement can although be distributed in the same way, with the same equipment at a  very low manufacturing cost.

The resultant cement is environment friendly, reliable, sustainable and has three times the compression and tensile strengths of Portland cement. The cement is a complete low carbon alternative that looks, acts and works like Portland cement. It is water resistant, acid resistant, discourages the oxidation of rebar, and has a near zero coefficient of expansion, which makes it excellent in below freezing temperatures as well as in tropical regions. It is anticipated that this new product called Navrattan Blue Crete cement will become the new building material for tomorrow. Its green appeal, high performance and inexpensive cost of manufacturing will lead to many more leaders in the construction industry to switch to this innovative 'Green' cement.

In an effort to contribute to environment Mr. Himanshu Verma, CMD of Navrattan Blue Crete Industries Pvt. Ltd. studied that the cement industry has been making persistent efforts to use alternative fuel resources as coal is becoming a depleting natural resource. "Excess of mining for extraction of coal, depleting coal resources and emission of heavy and poisonous pollutants in the air by the cement manufacturing concerns, made me think that some new and innovative alternative is desperately needed to replace traditional Portland cement manufacturing," said Mr. Himanshu Verma. He added that the "Cement industry has been adopting latest technologies to reduce energy consumption which will ultimately help the industry to reduce its production costs of cement, thereby benefiting the nation as a whole."