Jolt in Nuclear Plants

In our childhood when we were keep on writing essay on atomic energy and its merits and demerits ,we were not aware about this much loss of not only human resources but loss of coming generations ......??

World is paying homage to Tsunami victims in Japan and are expressing deep sorrow over the death of thousands people in earthquake, Tsunami and now bursts in nuclear plants, till yesterday three plant were burst  but  today 4th one was also  in serious condition as cooling agents of the  plants  are not properly working. The theory behind the  cooling is that to create  the power  from nuclear plant there is always continuous  need  of supply of water. This water is always circulated in hundreds  of steel pipes to generate the electricity.

In initial stage the center part of atomic energy is so powerful that it needs immediate  cooling (freezer water ) steel pipes with full of water. With in micro seconds these cooling water pipes  start doing work  in form of full boiling  steam, which can start hundreds of turbines. These Turbines provide power for a variety of machines, including electric generators and water pumps.  In fact, generators driven by turbines produce most of the electricity used to light homes and run factories.  Turbines that power water pumps play an important role in irrigation projects throughout the world.  Turbines are also used to turn the devices of ships.

A nuclear power plant uses the heat of a controlled nuclear  reaction to produce steam, which then generates electric energy and  called atomic energy, is the most powerful kind of energy known.  It produces the horrible  heat and light of the sun and the shattering blast of nuclear weapons. Due to this light Madam Quarry  has started  thinking about  Nuclear energy ,results from changes in the nucleus core/ of atoms.  Scientists and engineers have found many uses for this energy, especially in producing electricity.  But they do not yet have the ability to make full use of nuclear power.  If nuclear energy were fully developed, it could supply all the world's electricity for millions of years.

In our childhood when we were  keep on writing essay on atomic energy and its merits and demerits ,we were not aware about this much loss of not only human resources  but loss of coming generations for  coming in touch of affected radioactive waves. This  energy /Uranium continues to produce dangerous radiation long after it has been used up as a fuel for nuclear energy.  The problem of safely storing uranium wastes has not yet been solved.