"Journalist has right to speak truth and we are all doing the same": Journalists
Rajni Verma | 24 Jun 2015

He penned down the truth and witnessed something very treacherous. Seems like writing truth can be dangerous nowadays and can cost one's life. In recent past two journalist Jagendra Singh and Haider victimized the savaged behaviour. Jagendra Singh who was running Facebook page 'Shahjahanpur Samachar' updated several post which revealed the involvement of UP Backward Classes Welfare minister Ram Murti Verma in illegal mining and land grabbing. Further he also did a story in which he put rape allegations on aforementioned minister. In report he claimed that how minister gang raped Anganwadi worker and threatened her too.

Perhaps, this fumed things more and he ended up in a hospital. According to the reports, the journalist claimed that police raided his house to arrest him but poured petrol on him and set him afire. He even claimed same thing before taking his last breathe.

Whereas, a week after the incident another journalist Haider from UP (Pilibhit) filed a complaint that he had been brutally beaten by a group of three-four men. He alleged that they not only hit him with butt of revolver but also dragged him for hundred meter by a car. The journalist was covering a story since long and also writing against the people who strike him.

However, the involvement of minister in Jagendra's death is yet to be confirmed. But these two incident shows how system frail somewhere and how liberal people are in UP to misuse their power.

Merinews had a word with few people who belong to the same field and they spoke their heart out.

Madhu Mishra, Journalist

This is really very dangerous. Journalists has rights to speak or come up with truth and such incidents somewhere cast a shadow on how constraint they are to not to reveal truth.

Vinod Mishra, Journalist

A person who is into reporting already aware about the consequence which will be faced by him while exposing something very severe. if Jagendra was genuinely trying to expose ministers' involvement in illegal work and all because of that only he had been not only punished but charred to death then journalist community condemned it. But if he was writing all these on facebook under someone's or party's influence then I think it was not fair at all.Whereas in case of Haider, we truelly condemn the incident. However, there is a controversy in case of Jagendra Singh that either he had been murdered or killed himself under pretext to prove his point. See, Journalist has a right to speak the truth and it just not like government are not in support of them. Government do support them but yes there are few areas, where journalism suffers due to some reasons.

Surprisingly, the recent update in Jagendra's case changed the whole thing in another way. In Jagendra's case his woman friend and sole witness of the incident revealed that immolate himself and not set afire by police men. Although before dying Jagendra alleged minister for his situation but his friend's statement is enough to flip things totally against Jagendra only. One of journalist Nagendra Nath Neeraj, think that things has been tricked in case of Jagendra, he stated, "I think it is not easy to kill yourself. I meant to say that either Jagendra had been forced to kill himself or actually police men did whatever he claimed before taking last breathe. See, both Jagendra and Haider cases depicts that there is something wrong in Uttar Pradesh system. And one should not neglect it."