just a little attention
Arunima Mazumdar | 06 Mar 2008

just to bring to the notice of our kind MLA's who don't seem very concerned about the development of their localities, the country's development is of course, a far cry!

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Now, if you happen to tell anyone who isn?t quite familiar with the locale, the very standard question you?ll come across is ?which sector??, which is funny because till then you thought you lived ?in? Dwarka, and because you don?t have a convincing answer to his question, you immediately rack your brains to get him believe that your house is really in Dwarka, even if it doesn?t hold a sector. Bindapur is one such place that has the government?s nod to help the common man to buy a shelter. The question is not why the man chooses Bindapur over the largely perceived ?Housing Sectors? Dwarka, but why is this place not being considered centrally acceptable in the mainstream Dwarka channel. Agreed that the mass that inhabits this section lives not even close to that of the elite standards of south Delhi residents, they?re not as contemporary as the crowd that is slowly settling in the Sectors of mainstream Dwarka, but does that mean the authorities or the MLA in charge will completely forget about it. The government in power is doing everything possible to make the city a better place, ergo that denotes every part of the city that needs development of any kind, every colony that votes for him should be urbanized. Agreed again that when one enters Dwarka, one witnesses huge flyovers, wide streets, shops all around and an atypically clean Delhi. When one has to enter Bindapur, which I may remind again, is a very own part of Dwarka, one has to cross a chaotic T-point that has every single person on wheels on the trot, unless of course there is a traffic police. Post that comes a weird but literally messed up street that is popularly known as ?naala?, for the piquantly smelling street had been loosely constructed on a drain. Now this particular road brings back memories of school when we learned about the ?kuccha? and the ?pakka? road in economy class. The sights during monsoon are definitely not a treat for the eyes and as for your car or scooter, take my advice, get it serviced every alternate week. The disheveled ?kuccha? road, with bumpy rides and ever-smelling ambiance is the only way in and exit for Bindapur residents. The T-point mentioned above has people heading towards the Dabri crossing taking a right and left for people cursing authorities responsible for such a chaotic and painstaking entry to their homes. Strangely, even Mahavir Enclave III has the same entry route and with large populace residing there for donkey?s years, the authorities seem to have gone deaf and blind over this issue. If they can generate fund to polish and shine the already built-up high security zone like chanakya puri, I?m sure they can shell in a few more lacs to construct a proper or ?pakka? road where it is much needed. ??? ? ? ( ) * ???????????????h?8CJOJQJ^JaJhg?CJOJQJ^JaJ h?8h?8CJOJQJ^JaJ h?8hg?CJOJQJ^JaJ#hg?hg?5?CJOJQJ^JaJ ?? ? ) * ?????????????$a$gdg? ?? 1?h??/ ??=!?"?#??$??%??@@??@ NormalCJ_HaJmH sH tH DA@???D Default Paragraph FontVi???V  Table Normal :V ?4?4? la? (k???(No List 2B@?2 Body TextCJ6P@6 Body Text 2CJ? ???????)*??? ?0???0???0???0???0??p?0???0???0???0???0??? ? ? ??F??? G??H??\I? ?????? ????? 9*?urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags?place?8*?urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags?City? gk? ??b? 3b? gk? ?? 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