Bhavna Choraria | 25 Oct 2008

how no one is bad or good just different

It is surprising how we humans have now stopped respecting most of the people around us. When I am saying this, I don’t refer to the outer us. I know how well we all are such experts in being respectful, courteous to each other……I don’t at all doubt our sense of mannerism.
 “Oh! I really appreciate this habit of yours, sir”
“Wow! I so like this culture of you people”
“You can’t believe how happy I am to meet you.”(Not being happy at all)
And what not……..
The list is endless. I nowhere doubt our (so-seeming) polite and pleasing communication skills. But seldom do these come from deep inside our hearts. To put it in other way, its all fake, the majority of times. Believe it now.
Giving a simple example. A very simple task was carried out, an activity carried out with a group of fifty people. They were divided into groups of two. Then they were asked to touch each others hands and then on the count of three, they have to move the other person from his/her respective place. After two minutes, it was observed that many had succeeded\, some failed to. But what they did was, they pushed each other. They tried to iverpower the other with the help of their strength , some used their brains too(for example one girl distracted her partner by talking about some other object and then pushed him....good brains indeed!!)
To sum it up, all let their aggressive side overpower their humane side. What could have been done was simply that both could have moved at the same time, or even danced together. But no!! No one applied this thing. Because the moment they heard they have to move the other person, they thought in their minds ways of PUSHING the other. 
What is required is that ……. Oh it’s tough to express it in just one word.
Perhaps we should focus on the STAR approach.
S – Sensitivity
T – Trust
A – Acknowledgement
R – Respect
If we all start applying this approach towards every individual, trust me we will never have any problems in our life. Be it the wars, or anything, this very realisation will help us to remove the very seeds of hatred from our hearts. The aggressive side of our heart will then be overpowered by the humane side of our heart.
We must realize that there are no alikes in this world. All are different and have different perceptions. We must never consider any one to be worse than ourselves. All are unique and are equal to us. By this realization, we can so make the world, so called, a better place to live in. We have to heal the world, indeed.
Trust me.
It’s never worse or bad, It’s only DIFFERENT.