just one day
sunaina suresh | 28 Sep 2009

Indian freedom after 63rd year has still old worry at hands that's TERRORISM . Thinking about this havoc persisting I still visualize shouts of despair ,cries of agony , blood stained corpse everywhere , weeping woman , crying children ,revolting sme

WELL, WHEN will we view the truth of these verse. We have been singing these verse since we were 9 or 10 or may be before that. Melanchous reaching ears itself create a hope of overcoming every mishap, trouble anything but the bitter truth is “when will the one day come?” We really are still are in need of just one day .

Recent terrorist attacks that broke out in part’s of our country give a wrong interpretation of that & yes how can we forget the attack in country’s commercial capital on 26th November . This violence in Mumbai which has a long history of political carelessness `has wrecked lines & hopes too.

TERRORISM strikes spread horror , piercing the maps of capital like spikes spread like wild fire . Sorry to say we still are fighting for our existence even after 63 years .Bitter  but its true that 2008 closed its chapter with about 64 blasts & ya ! 62 hrs trauma too. Atleast now it is to be realized that its now or never . Continuously I stress that till now any effective action to dismantle the infrastructure  of support to terrorism on permanent basis has not been taken .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Indian freedom after 63rd year has still old worry at hands that’s TERRORISM . Thinking  about this havoc persisting  I still visualize shouts of despair ,cries of agony  , blood stained corpse everywhere , weeping woman  , crying children  ,revolting smell & wrecked building . this cruel group of unknown men create misery , terror & havoc . overlooking the analysis of few years of this continued mishap – attacks its been taking a long time to demolish this wall indeed .

If its for system then what they are doing , we have lot don’t we ? in other words most simple  & right statement will be blaming has never helped  if we aren’t satisfied by the work of system then now its time to get into it.if our country need us then lets work for it .enhance the defence mechanism of our country to our fullest. Not wrong when I say hoarding & protesting had never done good .we have been doing this from years till now we haven’t viewed any change . yesterday where we stood  we still stand there today.  Friends “to win it we really have to be in it” . no change but we really need to  bring “CHANGE” & for this an ability & a believe to bring change is necessary . This fact has to be underlined that average age of majority of Indian citizen ii more than half is up to 25 years! That itself give a lot of control because that’s youngistan – YOUTH POWER it is what country need .

. we need to rush to it right now before it bring a major halt to our country & lives . So run for a cause  &  kill the gory monster of terrorism uproot it from its root , destroy it so mercilessly that next time no human dare to be a terrorist . Lets take this initiative as tribute to those brave soldiers who lost their lives safe guarding ours .