Justice is delayed. Therefore, people take law into their own hands to deliver justice.
Satbir Singh Bedi | 24 Aug 2013

There are three forms of justice viz., distributive
justice calling for equal distribution of wealth,
status, etc., retributive justice which also acts as
deterrent against further injustice and reformative
justice which treats an evil doer not with hate but
with mercy and compassion and is based on Gandhiji's
idea that an eye for an eye would leave the whole
world blind. 
The first form of justice was sought to be imparted by
Communist regimes but it failed as it denied
competition amongst various persons, without which
people could not excel and thus the system died its
natural death. 
The third form of justice viz., reformative justice is
still in its infancy and can be tried on juveniles or
first time offenders but hardened criminals and
psychopaths have to be severely dealt with.
The second form of justice which is both retributive
and deterrent in nature is the easily understood and
most used form of justice.  In this form, justice is
nothing but legal revenge.  In olden days and even in
the present day mid-eastern region, it actually
amounted to eye for an eye, life for a life, foot for
a foot, hand for a hand, etc. which forced Gandhiji to
make his statement quoted above.  Nowadays, while for
murder, it may mean death sentence, for the rest of
the offences, it means spending time in prison and
payment of certain money as penalty so that it acts as
a deterrent against the person doing evil. It also
satisfies the victim or victim's family as they get
their revenge and revenge is really sweet as some
person must have experienced when their enemy is sent
to gallows. However, people are being fed up with this
form of justice also as the justice is delayed and a
number of hearings are held by which time, the victims
sometimes die or sometimes are too old to heave a sigh
of relief at the justice done.  So, people including
law enforcement officers are taking law into their own
hand to deliver spontaneous but crude form of justice
which is hardly desirable for a civilized society.  A
chain snatchers was beaten by the people mercilessly
and then dragged tied to a scooter by the law
enforcement officers.  In another case, the eyes of a
criminal were pierced.  In still another case, ten
thieves were lynched to death and may I say that the
deaths in police custody and fake encounters by law
enforcement officers are also meant to deliver
spontaneous lawless justice.  However, Government
should do something to speed up the process of justice
so that Justice is not delayed and hence denied.