Justice-Just a term?
Aarti Natarajan | 08 Sep 2006

One cant help wondering if the judicial system in India is just for name's sake.

Priyadarshini Mattoo was raped and strangled in her house 10 years ago. Three years later when the case was tried, the judge accquited the accused on the basis of a ":shoddy investigation". Till date her father is fighting for justice, fighting to bring punishment upon the man who brutally snuffed out his daughter's life.
Jessica Lall was shot dead when on duty in a bar one night. The accused walked away free as all the witnesses turned hostile. Her family is still going from pillar to post trying to get justice for her senseless murder.
Is this what are judicial system is all about? A series of hits and misses, where money talks and threats work? Is it any wonder then, that the majority of us think twice before getting entangled in a system where the truth is smothered and the lies are accepted at face value? These are just two cases that we know about, what of the hundereds of other cases which never even saw the light of the courthouse? Which were destroyed even before they had a chance to fight for justice?
My blood boils when I think of innocent lives lost, all because some person thought he had the power to kill. Where is the justice for such people? Should we reconcile ourselves to the fact that we will be bringing our children into a world where "law and order", "justice" are just terms they learn in textbooks?
India prides herself on becoming a "global nation". I love my country but I am very sorry to say that I am also ashamed of it. Greed for money and lust for power are making the foundations of this country hollow. And the worst part is, that all people like you and me can do is watch helplessly or write articles, while we witness human nature steadily deterioating. Thats all we can do...