K. Natwar Singh's One life is not enough- revenge with reality
HARISH DIDO | 04 Aug 2014

It is the general tendency among the political leaders to give statements to become part of the front page in the media and K. Natwar Singh, a former Cabinet Minister has not done something special by commenting on Gandhi family in his book 'One Life is Not Enough'. But if he is forgetting that if you live right, once is enough.

However, the importance of K. Natwar Singh in Nehru-Gandhi family is not fully understood for the outside world despite the fact that he was Sonia's key fire fighter and had shouted slogan 'Narasimha Rao hatao, Sonia Gandhi laao' when he was thrashed outside Parliament Street Police Station. He was heard saying, "Today we wept, tomorrow they will weep."

We should understand that we speak and write for others, otherwise there is no necessary to speak and write and K. Natwar Singh has did it by publishing a book on what was in his mind- a revenge or reality. He has not tried to conceal the facts, the way he was removed from the Cabinet.

The book has brought cheers on the faces of BJP leaders who found an issue against the Congress and alerted Sonia Gandhi to come up with truth with the statement that she would also write a book to reveal the factual position.

Whatever may be the motive behind the book by Natwar Singh, frankly speaking, one thing is certain, our leaders are encouraging the reading and writing habits and let certain category people have objection to it even.

Since all the Congress loyalists kept their lips sealed hoping to revive the position during May 2014 elections but now with no hope of revival, many may follow Natwar Singh to vanish Sonia a place in the history of India. It would be better if Sonia pen down her memoirs, without any loss of time, to give a surprise to all.