Rohit Srivastava | 20 Apr 2011

Story about a band Kramasha formed by group of three friends.

When they met Kramasha was born.  Kramasha the band consists of three friends Rajeev Stanley, Kush Nagar and Sarvesh Dhusia. The band was formed in 2008, off late it came out with it's first composition "Khel Hindustan Ka" which is a motivational song for Indian athletes. "I never expected that our song will be selected by Radio One", says Rajeev with a glitter in his eyes.  He is also training in the Kirana Gharana of classical music when not working he works for Hindustan Computers   Limited as a quality analyst before the formation of the band Rajeev used to compose and sing  in the  internal parties of Hcl.

Kush Nagar another member of the band was earlier a part of Messaih band. "It all started when I was in college I used to compose songs for college festivals and used to perform after that I was part of Messaih band", says Nagar who is a sub editor with Asian Age newspaper.

"Before joining Kramasha I was also a part of Messaih where I used to focus on bass and guitar", says Sarvesh Dhusia the third member of  Kramasha Band.   Sarvesh who is a sound engineer by profession  has good amount of experience which he is using for Kramsha. He was working with  Mohit Chauhan of Silk Route band besides this he worked as a sound engineer for sound and light professionals in Mumbai as their employee for one year and five months and later with audio craft in Delhi for two years where he used to work on live sounds to produce best of the sound effect.

When asked how did they come together and what inspires them, "we are old pals since last ten years as a result it is very easy for us to work and communicate any new ideas among our selves and transform it into a song and anything interesting inspires us", adds Rajiv. As of now they are working on a song Anjane(theme of the song is about youths being lured into terrorism) and another song about river pollution where the message is to educate the masses not to pollute our rivers cutting across the length and breath of the nation and the importance to preserve them.

"We also have  a album in pipeline consisting of four songs with different themes" further adds Kush. Zinda(motivational song about our day to day problems in life and not to run away but stay their and focus on your dreams), Khel Hindustan Ka(motivational song for Indian athletes) Bhawar(a story of a misguided youth who is in terrorism going through the self-actualization phase and wants to join the normal life) and Anjane(about those youths who are brain washed and lured into terrorism and anti-social activities).

Further when asked about the existing competition in the market all three of them echoed the same sentiment." we are well aware about the cut throat completion in the market  however we are quite sure that with innovative music and new ideas Kramsha will carve a niche for itself".