Kasab costed us 16 crores so far!
John F Williams | 22 Nov 2011

The country's most high-profile prisoner Kasab costed Maharashtra Govt just 16 Crores in 3 years to maintain him alive. Isn't it shocking?

OUR OWN poor people in draught hit areas are dying of hunger while such a huge amount is wasted on Kasab. The only Pakistani Terrorist caught alive  is currently relaxing in a Special Cell at the Arthur Jail.

The third Anniversary of 26/11 attack is approaching and it has been stated that an amount of 16 crores costed the State Govt   on Kasab- feeding, health needs,medicines and the security. Since he is a high –risk prisoner a special enclosure has been built which costed the state a huge amount.

The legal expenses itself of  Supreme Court amounts to Rs 12 lacs which is not the part of 16 crores. The Public Prosecutor Mr Nigam  will be paid Rs 50000 per hearing plus Business Class Travel and a VIP Suite in a State  Guest House.

The State has already paid Rs 10.87 crore till July , 2011 to ITBP for providing  20 Commandos and communication equipment to guard Kasab  round the clock.This Bill is likely to touch 14 crores by 26th November.

Why such a huge amount is being incurred to keep him alive when these crores could easily feed thousand and thousand empty stomachs in the draught hit areas. Better hang him and get relieved for ever.