Kashmir is an integral part of India.
Satbir Singh Bedi | 23 Apr 2013


The Kashmir issue has been raised by Pakistan as a result of the Partition of the country in 1947. The Partition which had as its basis the two nation theory and left millions dead and many more millions homeless, should not have been agreed to because the two nation theory had no validity. If Muslims were a separate Nation, then all the Muslims of the world would have been living in one nation only but there are several nations of the Muslim viz Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia etc. The Muslims of these nations call them Indonesians, Iranians, Iraqis and Saudi Arabians. The dismemberment of erstwhile Pakistan into Pakistan and Bangladesh also nullifies the theory of two Nations. However, what has been done cannot now be undone and all the three nations which constituted the pre-partition India viz India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have to co-exist peacefully. However, Pakistan has made Kashmir the bone of contention for the reason that Kashmir has predominantly Muslim population, forgetting the fact that India is a secular country and States like Kashmir, Punjab and Nagaland etc. which have mainly Muslim, Sikh and Christian population are its essential parts and represent a unique feature of Indian secularism wherein even the national minorities form majority within the respective State. The Maharaja of Kashmir as per the terms of the policy laid down by the then British rulers for granting Independence to India, had acceded to India and therefore, Kashmir is an integral part of India. Also Kashmir, Punjab, Nagaland, Meghalaya etc. underline and strengthen our secular fabric. So, there is no question of any negotiations in so far as Kashmir is concerned because if we negotiate regarding Kashmir, it would open for us a whole Pandora of negotiations in respect of other States having major population of national minorities. Hence, we must tell Pakistan and these Hurriyat leaders in no uncertain terms that Kashmir is our integral part and is not negotiable.  However, we cannot attack a nuclear Pakistan for recovering the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir  and Line of Control which is de facto border between India and Pakistan, may be deemed to be a permanent border between the two countries.  Let status quo be maintained.