Kashmir issue: An alternate view

Kashmir Valley is in the news due terror sponsored activities being facilitated from across the border. With Wahhabism-influenced channels beaming into homes of people, danger is serious and immediate. Situation is reversible but needs some harsh measures. Read on…


Kashmir situation appears to be worsening with no solution in site. Government is meandering in its policy that has become almost directionless. Many experts are suggesting policies which have failed to deliver in past with minor modifications.


Wahhabi thought

Banned terror advocate Zakir Naik's hate speeches aiming to change thinking of masses is the biggest challenge facing the state and Central government today. Perception or battle of hearts and minds is most crucial in agitated populace. India seems to be loosing this battle. This will have extremely serious consequences. Hoisting ISIS flag and cheering Pakistan cricket team are minor issues when compared with loosing this battle. If India doesn't fight Wahhabi ideology battle aggressively and urgently, populace alienation is assured with devastating ramifications.

Game plan of separatists

Exploit fear of masses by Indian/Hindu domination. Successfully in connivance with politicians evict all Kashmiri Pandits and take away their businesses and properties. Create hurdles in their return by claiming that separate townshipswill not be allowed for Kashmiri Pandits. Lots of traditional names of towns/religious places have already been changed.

Localising problem

Sunni Muslims led by separatists are calling the shots today. Albeit, unelected with no mass base but funded by Pakistan, while our own state government appears non-decisive. The government is providing these separatists with all facilities who continue their venomous propaganda against India. Violence is confined to few districts of the Valley and minority of the populace support in these areas only. Media makes it appear J&K is on the boil, its far from the truth. Urgent need to localise issue rather than hold complete state as hostage to happenings in and around Gagarin.

Geographical Peculiarities. Leh and Jammu are district regions is well known. But thaws not known is, in Kashmir region, huge populace staying between CL and Shamsabari massive mountain range are Gujars and Bakarwals. These people are somewhat nomadic in lifestyle but highly knowledgable about the terrain cum infiltration routes. Big assest in fighting Pak based infiltration and highly willing to support. Similarly people staying South of Pir Panjal in Jammu region are as good.

Vested Interests. Many organisations; political parties and NGOs have own agendas. Anti India stance is big vote catcher and assures financial support from across. This is damaging the psyche of youth and masses leading to enlarged anger against the state.


Aspiration of common man in valley are same as anywhere else. Government job; financial security; religious freedom and physical security including safe living environments.

Governance is big causality. Common man is biggest sucker and he is angry. Youth deprived of schooling; business suffers and terrorists keep scaring them and bombs ensure insecurity of life leading to psychosomatic diseases. This pent up anger rightly fuels mass anger further leading to despair and helplessness. Heaven on earth has become hell due manipulation of counter forces


Way Ahead

Past experience indicates economic packages etc. have little significance and talks cum outreach to segments are inconclusive due to the fact that Pakistan is calling shots through separatists who are being given undue importance by media/Governments in power. Own government is appeasing them inspire of well documented sins of these leaders.

Pakistan will continue to be our neighbour till it implodes or colonised by China. Its emotionally uncomfortable with rising India and happy Kashmir masses. Thus it will continue interfering till state is ineffective in governing. This is a fact of life and we need to live with it.

Radical plan which has the potential of deflating and solving Kashmir is suggested. Many will ridicule but have no better alternatives, therefore worth considering.

Relocate Capital. Srinagar has become centre of gravity of Sunni/Wahhabi/separatists activities. Being state Capital gives easy access to all facilities like connectivity; jobs; medical; education and all modern day luxuries. Relocate Capital to Non disturbed areas. Once this is done Pak/separatists agenda weakens by almost half.

Kashmiri Pandirs Return. Rehabilitate Kashmiri Pandits back in the valley. Whereas going back to ancestoral homes is not workable option new townships astride Mughal Road or south of Srinagar is doable and workable option.

Integrate. Ghetto mentality of Kashmiri Muslims is doing greatest damage to the community. Distrust of others is ruining idea of India in thier minds. Let all rules be applied uni formally and do away with special status. Fear psychosis created by some dynasties, nothing will happen as majority benefits. However, to allay fears of masses, this be implemented in Jammu; Leh and areas beyond Shamsabari. On seeing benefits, people will themselves demand its implementation.

Isolate. Srinagar and few disturbed districts around be isolated and put under martial law to check terror with force it needs for neutralisation. In about a year's time, terrorism can be decimated and vanished by our security forces.

Elected Reps. MLAs and Panchayats along with SHOs can mobilise masses into fighting for their rights rather than being slaughtered by terrorists like cattle. Most of Government employees vanish during snow from border areas and elected reps are in cosiness of state Capital. Total disconnect with zero governance. Panchayats have done great job. Combination of these organs to ensure quality governance can tun the tide.

WHAM. Battle of hearts and minds is responsibility of state government and elected representatives. Grievance redressal and other issues of resolved in time along with development will ensure masses slowly align with state. Unfortunately, biggest problem is lowest in priority for state governments. Army is doing its bit but it has severe limitations. State government in Srinagar needs to make it top most priority.

Cyber and Mass Media. Internet and its applications have tremendous potential in mass mobilisation; awareness; spreading truth or grievances redressal. Pakistan has beaten India on this crucial front. Terrorists have used it with devastating consequences in recent past. Wahhabi are transmitting their ideas into Kashmiri homes. This is most dangerous and must be countered on priority.

Money Flow from Across. Choke money flow and many issue get resolved. For some reasons government has shut its eyes and paying price for ignoring.

Separatists.Isolate and expose these unelected. Big culprits, enjoying all perks and government facilities with own kids in government jobs or abroad but others being given money to pelt stones. Time to destroy these stooges and move them out of Valley to probably A & N Islands or Rajasthan jails.


Kashmir has reached state of hopelessness due to combined effort of some dynasties treating it as personal fiefdoms and Centre quietly accepting fait accompli. Many past solutions have failed and State is moving from bad to worse. Some radical suggestions have been made, capable of diffusing and eliminating alienation of masses with rest of India.