KashmirStorm – a book that no self-respecting Kashmiri should read
RATAN SHARGA | 23 Jan 2015

Ajit Chak, the author, claims to be a senior journalist with a vast experience in the print media. He has worked in some of the reputed English dailies of this nation like The Indian Express, The Pioneer and The Times of India, but will not make the grade of Raj Kamal Jha as a writer.

Though he has many friends in the electronic media but he won't get the kind of mileage that Rajdeep Sardesai or alike will get so he has decided to rewrite history of Kashmir with some political incidents and gossips in his latest fiction work Kashmir Storm. 

A different sort of literary masterpiece which would take its readers on a rollercoaster ride and through the ups and downs of the geopolitical phases of Kashmir that have forced the local women to take up sex trade to make their both ends meet.

Bookworms would cite many reasons why no one should read Ajit Chak's book KASHMIR STORM brought out by the Partridge India Publications of the Penguin Random House group as it glorifies prostitution in Kashmir by making the heroine a prostitute.

Congress bashing seems to be another favourite passion of this former Congress Party office bearer from Uttar Pradesh who also claims to be a trade union leader.

He shows scant regard for senior leaders of the Congress like Rajiv Gandhi and Digvijaya Singh whose names are thrown at the wind at the drop of hat. If there is a power crisis in the nation then environmental clearance procedures are to blame and the UPA government is ripped apart. While he showers praise on Rita Bahuguna Joshi.


The ranting doesn't stop there. From leering over the skin colour and complexion of women from Pakistan to looking down upon walnut coloured skin in Indian women this author shows his true colours both communal and racist and his streak of male chauvinism.

Giving a girl a mobile phone and a scooty can lead to her rape advises Chak.  He accuses the residents of districts of Uttar Pradesh like Gonda and others of indulging in the rape of their daughter in laws and claims that there is a practice in areas of Hapur and Bulandshahr which is known as the Panchali Pratha here one girl is married off to four to five brothers. The names of several Uttar Pradesh police officers like Kashmir Singh and Brij Lal of the UP Police are mentioned but only for the systems they set up to monitor these processes and related crimes.


It is a pot boiler which has everything from Muslim politics to the black market in human organs and to the flesh trade and human trafficking.

Chak talks about many things. He alleges that a leader from South India drove a wedge between Arun Nehru and Rajiv Gandhi by telling the Gandhi's that Nehru had placed Rajiv under surveillance as Internal Security Minister and that Gandhi's security was compromised and he was later assassinated in south India. Gandhi was out of power when this happened and no Congress leader from the north or south would have been in a position to compromise his security. Chak does not name this Southern leader, but obviously it does not seem to be late Narasimha Rao.

Chak displays a racist streak while referring to the colour of the skin of women in the text it shows he has a colour bias and is a racist and is a chauvinist and women would be well advised not to read this book or try and buy it either from their local book store or Amazon.

Chak is definitely biased against Kashmiri Muslims as he tries to make out a case against them and favour Kashmiri Pandits whenever he can in the text.