KCR sacked Rajaiah to avoid revolt in party ?
Narendra Ch | 28 Jan 2015

The abrupt sacking of deputy chief minister T Ramaiah from the cabinet by Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is said to be not an emotional step but only to crash any possible revolt within the party during his visit to US next month for treatment.

According to insiders chief minister's sudden action was initiated only to send a strong warning to his nephew and Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao, who is said to be not having good terms with chief minister's son and Panchayat Raj minister K T Rama Rao.

Several  dissidents led by him with the support of some senior ministers and disgruntled MLAs in the party are planning for a revolt in his absence. Chief Minister is expected to be away from the country for about three weeks in view of his severe health problem.

Chief Minister wants to send signals in the party his son will be his natural successor. But in view of seniority and grip over the party organization and public image, Harish Rao has been claiming his natural choice.

Rajaiah, who is close to Harish Rao, is said to be lobbied and campaigned for the in charge Chief Minister post during KCR's US Visit. More than that, had also lobbied for post of working president of TRS when K T Rama Rao name was circulated to ease work pressure on  sick KCR .

Sacking of Rajaiah was just a demonstration  of how crude and swiftly  KCR would act and also to serve as a warning to all 'loud mouthers and schemers  in the party  It all happened so swiftly - the sacking  of a  Deputy CM- and  inducting  a replacement for him - in flat  six hours.


During the impromptu cabinet meeting at his camp office on January 25, KCR blasted several senior  ministers  that 'I have  brought Telangana  for all of you  to enjoy power . But for me  all of you would be on the streets  or  in jail '  he had thundered .Rajaiah would not have got even  100 votes  on his own  but for  TRS brand name and KCR support  .'Because  I am silent  even dogs are barking at me  now a days "he shouted  at  them .


Although kept secret  KCR is planning a fifteen day visit to American in the second week of February after he completed a Graham shuddi yagam in the first week of   February  beginning next Wednesday . Intelligence sources had indicated to  CM that that Rajaiah and his gang of  four ministers  had support of about 34 MLAs and 4 MPs who were all unhappy with the ways and conduct of  KCR and his family members .


Dr Rajaiah was chosen as deputy CM, because KCR wanted redeem his poll announcement that he would make a Dalit as CM. If not CM, at least Deputy Chief Minister. But he had annoyed KCR several tunes by taking decisions on his own with regard to his ministry, without giving scope for Chief Minister's office to play decisive role.