Keeping busy- An art or compulsion?
shivani bhattacharya | 31 Jan 2011

The next morning, as I lay on my bed, I hatched plans to kill time. I thought I would finish my breakfast, watch television, finish my assignments and catch up on some sleep too.

WHETHER YOU are working, a student, a professional or even if you stay at home, the desire to give a break to your routine, sit back and relax must have crossed your mind at least once. Well, being a student, I thought over the idea of taking a break and decided to try doing something different than what I do everyday. And a break from my routinely timetable meant: no running after the metro before the door snapped shut. No rushing to attend classes,and a break from getting up early in the morning.

I had not really thought about what I would do throughout the day. Nor had I planned anything. All I knew was that I wanted to spend my day differently. To be precise, I wanted to experience the feeling of missing college, and explore the true pleasures of student life, even if it was for a single day.

The next morning, as I lay on my bed, I hatched plans to kill time. I thought I would finish my breakfast, watch television, finish my assignments and catch up on some sleep too.

Later, while having breakfast I simultaneously channel surfed on T.V. This is when I got the first surprise of the day. I always had a feeling that the best time to watch T.V. is during the early hours of morning. How wrong I was!! To my utter horror, I was greeted with numerous telebrands advertisements ranging from sauna belt to raksha kawach, from English speaking courses to slicing-dicing equipments, I was greeted with the most non- sensical and totally weird ads in the world. Major channels were running a repeat telecast of their serials. In short, there was nothing much to watch.

After an hour of this non-sense I thought I had had enough. I switched off the T.V. set and turned to my second best pastime, listening to music. On radio, along with some good music one could hear various RJ’s yakking away criticism for inflation, governmental policies, discussing star gossip, doing prank calls, and running innumereous contests. Better than T.V, I thought.

Just then I remembered my unfinished assignments. The combination of listening to music while doing my work, simultaneously works best for me. Time passed away easily as I got onto complete my work. It was 1:30 by the time I finished. Lunch time!

Once again, although hopelessly, I tuned in the T.V. This time I was not expecting or wishing for anything. Maybe the channels had heard some of my cries of misery. There were some fashion and lifestyle based shows on some news channels. Feeling blessed and satisfied, I followed the shows happily. It was 3 when I got up.

With a good amount of food in my stomach, I dozed off on my couch. When I woke up, it was 6 in the evening( Don't be surprised by the hours of my sleep, this is the lifestyle of all students.)

Later in the evening , as I went over my day, I realised that I had not done anything concrete, and nothing different as I had planned to. No doubt, college kept me busy and made me tired and exhausted at the end of the day, but as an added advantage I also got to meet my friends and a chance to venture in the outer world. Work not just keeps us  busy but also fills time spaces and gaps. With nothing to do, nowhere to go, one will not just be frustrated but it will also contribute towards a mental imbalance.

Throughout the day, there had not been a single moment when I had not missed my college. At home,I was always thinking, what would I have been doing at this or that time of the day in college.

My conclusion after spending he whole day at home was, keeping busy definitely is, an ART.