Keeping up to what you say
Annu Kaveri | 19 Apr 2011

I HAVE got it how about some thing that every one of us shares in common. Breaking a promise . it is sure that we all must have experienced it some where in our lives for keeping a promises of some one.
I would like to share with you what really mean by promises, and what we can do if we cannot keep up a promise and what others feel when we break the promise. Let us put it this way, a promise is a person’s statement or words that he will surely do something . you can also say it in this way ; it is an agreement between two people.
We all must be true to our words when we promise some one about something , they have trust so only they said us na. but if we break our promise they consider us unreliable . what should we do if we cannot keep our words or an appointment ? the best thing to do is inform the concerned party in time . well we do not want them waiting for us.

He or she might be trust once or twice but not again and again. And it is we who will be responsible for his /her dishonor, distrust. If you cannot keep the promise of some one than you must say to that person that I cannot keep my promises always so don’t give me any promises.

Than tha main Question, that is being raised , is that “what should we do if we want to say no to a promise?” well! Even if it is hard for us to say ‘NO’ do not say ‘YES’ . people will surely appreciate it when we sincerely disagree to them.

Hope every one understood , what I actually tring to convey as I have experienced it in my life too, just now how I am sure that ki any more I will not promise and will not ask someone to promise me. And I am sure that every one of you , too have much experienced in this promising thing.
So if you are kepping any promises in your life than must fulfill that promise but do not break it, because it hurts a lot as I suffer so, I do not want that any one of you suffer from this. So keep up to what you say.