Khuda Kay liye “ will be the first Pakistani movie to be released in Indian Theatres
Aroun Bharadwaaj | 16 Mar 2008

Shoaib Mansor who known to be an influential figure on Pakistani Showbiz will be the first Pakistani Director to showcase his master piece “Khuda Kay liye in Indian Theatre


By Aroun Bharadwaaj, Delhi, 16th March

The movie is ready to be released on April 4 2008.After getting grand success with his TV shows like Sunehre Din, Fifty Fifty, Alpha Bravo Charlie and Gulls & Guys aired on PTV, Mansor now  with Khuda Kay Liye is all set to win the Indian art critics and the viewers at large.


The movie describes the situation of educated Muslims and the community after the blast at World Trade Centre. The movie brings close to inside of the Muslim community, there beliefs and treatment of western world to them during World Trade Centre incidents. Khuda kay liye is a story about a young Pakistani man Shaan who is doing studies at United States. During his study years, the tragic events of 9/11 take place. The movie took a pace when Shaan get arrested by the American authorities during there investigations.

On the other hand Shaan’s younger brother who is involved in musical activities is being motivated by one friend Shershah to follow the path of God. Meanwhile his uncle (Humayun Kazmi) arrives from the UK with his only cousin Mary (Iman Ali) who wanted to marry her non-Muslim boyfriend back in the UK against her family’s wishes. He brings here to Pakistan where Shershah trucks them to their village in a tribal area near Afghanistan. They try to escape but Shershah follows her and brings her back to the village.


Khuda Kay Liye is Shoaib’s critically acclaimed film which is well appreciated in Dubai, London & Pakistan. Nasiruddin Shah has given special appearance and plays the prominent role of a Muslim cleric named Maulana Wali, Rest to be seen all Pakistani actors. The music of Khuda Kay liye was recently launched on Sony BMG. Now its time for its release on 4th of April in Bollywood.